New Neighborhood Greenway Proposed for “The Seventies”

If you’re a biker living in the neighborhood, you probably know that we have a bike boulevard along SE Center Street (going east and west), and another on SE 52nd (going north and south). And you may know, too, that Foster is expected to get bike treatments with construction of the upcoming Transportation and Streetscape Project.

And now, it’s quite possible we’ll get another north/south bikeway through the neighborhood with the proposed “Seventies Neighborhood Greenway” If funded and constructed, the new greenway would create a walking and bicycle route paralleling SE 82nd through various routes connecting NE and SE neighborhoods. This plan is very much in its infancy, but is far enough along in the planning that the City of Portland is seeking state funding through ODOT’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Dingo Dizmal

And here’s Dingo. Because…bikers in the neighborhood

If you’re unfamiliar with Portland’s Greenway system, you can read more about them: here. In short, it’s a transportation system the city has built to create routes along residential streets where bicyclists and pedestrians get priority over auto traffic. Think SE Clinton for reference.

The ’70s Greenway could be the next addition to that network.

And you have a say in whether ODOT takes the city’s request for funding seriously or not. Or maybe you don’t because sometimes these things are pre-determined. But you know how the city likes its public process. So here it goes…your chance to say whether the new route weaving along the NE and SE 70s is a good plan or not.

You only have one day, though. Because, well, procrastination.

Public comments for the project are being accepted (here) through January 14. Right.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the current state of our bike-infrastructure, here’s this…

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2 Responses to New Neighborhood Greenway Proposed for “The Seventies”

  1. grrlpup says:

    Comment sent in; thanks for the heads-up! I would love a Neighborhood Greenway because car traffic speeds and doesn’t recognize unmarked crosswalks for people walking to and from Mt. Scott Park. And a lower-stress route to Mt. Tabor would be awesome.

  2. Yes. Slowing auto traffic is a huge component, and would definitely be welcomed.


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