Foster gets busy this Saturday. You should, too!

Ok, here’s the gist of what your Saturday could and should look like.

Walk to Foster. Find a place to get a drink. Next, get a bite to eat. Check out one of several art galleries and small businesses in between.

Then do it all over again. Repeat at least two or three times, if not more.

Not much of a drinker, say you. No problem—just eat more and imbibe the arts. Not so much for the arts? Ok, check out our very own fortune cookie shop and see how the magic is made; explore the plethora of board games at Red Castle; get some used books. Either way, Foster’s got you covered. This is what we get when two neighborhood events collide for a grand dose of everything Foster.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.16.11 PM.png

Foster Area Business Association / Starday Tavern – FB event listing for “Foster Tasting Tour”

Here’s the lowdown:

The second annual Foster Tasting Tour returns Saturday (2 – 10 pm) for a snapshot of the best that Foster has to offer. What we don’t have in the way of boutique spa treatments, artisanal pastas, and obscure Thai street food, can be made up with the abundance of quirky little gems dotted along the corridor. This year, the Foster Tasting Tour will touch on many of our neighborhood eateries, bars, and small businesses that run the spectrum of fortune cookies, used books, urban art, board games, stiff drinks, and a variety of diverse but inexpensive food. This is Foster, after all, so expect it to be a little funky, if not refreshingly un-pretentious. Check out the event link for more details.

To cap things off, the Foster Tasting Tour is coinciding with this month’s Second Saturday Foster Art Walk. So, in addition to food and drink and funky Foster businesses, you’ll also get a heavy dose of the local art scene. Several businesses and art galleries will be participating this month, with plenty of artistic diversity to capture all your interests.

Here’s what we know so far about the art walk:
Po Boy Art Gallery  James Flames art opening, 2-8 pm: art prints and rock posters by James Flames; several artists will be vending; DJ Joel Barber; beer and other refreshments
Flat Blak Gallery  Western Pop, 6-9 pm: original paintings by Rudi Broschoksy
Backstory Books  Sam Arneson, 5-9 pm: pet portraits
Latchkey Gallery  TBD
Off The Griddle  Jessie Jordan Art Opening, 4-8 pm
* It’s also worth noting that NWIPA always has art on display, and Pieper Cafe will have the art of Sheila Tracy on featured

So there you have it, folks. There’s a variety of art, food, drink, and rad Foster businesses on display for you. Our business district will only thrive as much as we let it, so show your support.

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