Throwback Thursday

You all know about Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk. But who remembers Foster Art Night, its earlier and unrelated incarnation that helped lay the foundation for a regular art event in the ‘hood?

I’m guessing not many.

Today we’re going back a half-decade, a time when Foster was still finding itself, was a little rougher around the edges, and folks were very content with the “unpolished cool” of a mostly-overlooked neighborhood on the fringes of SE Portland…one that had a vibrant-in-its-own-right night life and unlikely arts scene.

Now that I think about it, I miss that Foster.

Much love to the old Foster United crew, Crafty Underdog, and all the people and businesses that supported Foster Art Night back in the day. Here’s a look back at 2012 (click here for the original):

Foster Art Night is Nearly Upon Us

Time to do your Foster boogie.  This Saturday

Check the lineup.  Figure out when and where you’ll join in the fun.  The FAN fun.

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