News for your overcast Tuesday morning

We really needed that break.  But after a week and a half, Foster beckoned, and apparently there’s been some activity along the strip. We’ll try to get caught up here…

IMG_7864– First, we couldn’t help but to notice the new signage on the former Raven Ink Tattoo space. The “For Sale” sign has been replaced and the window signage advertising for available commercial space. This would indicate the building has been sold and the new owner will be renting out some of the storefront. There’s currently paper covering the windows, so we’ll assume there are some renovations happening inside. No word yet on who might already be lined up to occupy the building.

IMG_7889– While we’re talking renovations, it should also be noted that the long-vacant, infamously purple-and-yellow and graffiti-covered building at SE Boise/59th/Foster is getting a facelift. Literally. Not only have the windows been scrubbed clean of its graffiti, but the siding is quickly being removed. We’re unsure of what’s prompting the renovations, but it would appear at least one more commercial space on Foster may be added to the corridor. It should also be noted that the owner of the building also happens to own a restaurant downtown. We’re not saying the space is destined for a restaurant, and, for fear of getting too speculative, we won’t say more than that. Sorry to spark the rumor flames….

IMG_7863– In other commercial happenings, SMART Collective is slowly laying claim to their new space as they transition of their old storefront. While they’ll be missed along the quirky commercial strip that includes Pupdo’s Pet Grooming, I Heart Retro, and Futpool Portland, Smart Collective will be moving a few blocks away. Starting sometime in July, they’ll be occupying a space on SE 67th between Foster and Holgate. The space was recently home to BenWill art gallery.

IMG_7867– You all ready to party? The Foster Tasting Tour is back for round two. In its second year highlighting food and drink along the corridor, it will also coincide with Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk and show off several of the businesses along the strip. Last year it proved to be more of a pub crawl, while this year the scope will expand a bit. Fear not, there will be plenty of drinking, but it’ll be a good opportunity to show some love and support to other various businesses along the strip. July 8. Make it happen. And as a preview, here’s a list of some participating businesses: Backstory Books, Bar Carlo, Bar Maven, Barrio, Carts on Foster, Darling Press, Fat Self Center, Flat Blak Gallery, Foster Buds, Foster Burger, FoPo Tavern, Futpool Portland, La Arepa Cart, Portland Mercado, Nayar Taqueria, Pieper Cafe, Po’ Boy Art, Pod Bar, Red Castle Games, Starday Tavern. And we wouldn’t be surprised if a few more places joined in the festivities.

– Finally, we’ll wish farewell to Fat Yoga, who will be ending their tenure at 6340 SE Foster mid-July. The yoga studio and body positive center will be giving way to Fat Self Center, and will be carrying out some of the same self-love mission as the yoga studio before it. We don’t have many details, but if you click the link above, you’ll be able to read more about what’s to come.

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3 Responses to News for your overcast Tuesday morning

  1. Aaron says:

    Check out the status of Seductions. Saw the main sign and in-window open sign have been removed. Might already be out of business.


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