Farewell, Foster, it’s been fun.

Our time here is done, folks.

The love affair with Foster will continue, but the blog can now be stored away into the archives. Soon to be ancient history; a bygone era documented in blog form.

img_5779It’s been fun, y’all. And we consider ourselves quite fortunate to have experienced Foster from this vantage point. In our time, we’ve seen Foster change a lot—sometimes more than we prefer, and sometimes not as much as we’d like—all the while maintaining its rough-around-the-edges allure.

We’ll forever remember fondly the original Foster Art Night and the art salon above Bob and Alice’s (Starday Tavern); the sign guy in front of EuroClassic who danced feverishly on Foster years before they took their sign game to an unfortunate display of anti-Foster-improvement protest; Guapo Comics and Coffee; Gemini Lounge; the tweakers who ensured the Foster area wouldn’t become the next Alberta any time soon; Crazy Eddie; Smokey’s Tavern; LRSD breaking out their drums for occasional practice in front of O’Malley’s; when Pieper took over the space formerly known as Yo Mama’s Coffee and Tea; when Foster Plaza became more than just a poker room and head shop; when places like Knuckleheadz and other rough-and-tumble bars dominated the strip; when the last of the rough-and-tumble biker bars finally left Foster; when the Neighborhood Association put into motion changes and safety improvements soon to come to Foster (many, many moons ago with protest, pleading to the city, and townhalls including the likes of Sam Adams); the yearly “Fun on Foster” in Laurelwood Park, even if a sad display of low turnout; affordable housing; when Isaac Hayes’s likeness graced the outside of O’Malley’s in mural (now found inside); when we thought the Bob White Theater would live again with movies and live music; when we first had spam musubi to soak up the booze at Da Hui; when the Portland Mercado opened and proved to be the first domino to fall in Foster’s inevitable change.

No doubt, more change is on the way. And that is why we’re hanging our hat. Mixed-use development is coming; the Foster Streetscape Plan is less than a year from construction; there’s a brewery in the works; and a long-anticipated community market should be opening soon, too. All this is great, but it belongs to a new era and we simply don’t have the time or energy to document it. Instead, we’ll find our intrigue from the sidelines and enjoy the neighborhood as residents, not bloggers.

Before we sign off, we’d like to offer sincere thanks to all of our readers for following along in the journey. It’s been fun. And we get a kick out of the fact that others nerd out to all things Foster like us. Kudos to you.

We’d also like to thank all the local businesses who have been generous in sharing news, events and other happenings that gave us fodder for the blog. You have been instrumental in shaping Foster, and we couldn’t imagine a better core of small businesses to reflect the character of our neighborhood. We look forward to having a beer or coffee with you as neighbors, not the creepy writer always looking for news.

And finally, thanks to all of you keeping the spirit of Foster alive. It’s a funky place with funky people. And as Portland changes around us, I’ll take solace in the fact that Foster may always be just a little bit different. At least for now. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy it for what it is. And I’ll encourage you to stay neighborly, support your local businesses, and keep making the neighborhood as rad as rad can be.

Be cool, y’all. It’s been fun….

* If you’re looking for a fun way to stay connected to goings on in the hood via social media, check out these guys on Twitter: @FuckingFoster. They seem to strike the right balance between informative, snarky, and not taking themselves too seriously. 

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37 Responses to Farewell, Foster, it’s been fun.

  1. Justin says:

    Fitting, as I’ve just moved out of FoPo (and Oregon). I appreciate all your work here and good luck in what’s next.

  2. Spiffy says:

    oh no!

    are you open to somebody else taking it over?

  3. porksy says:

    To coin a Dead phrase, “what a long, strange trip it’s been” and it’s been fun and informative all along the way. Sorry to see this fine blog go.

  4. Matt says:

    It’s been a fun and informative ride – thanks for everything!

  5. Con Man says:

    Great sign off. Thank you for all your work on this and its contribution to the community.

  6. Jill says:

    Thank you for all of the fine commentary on our neighborhood over the years! I’m very much going to miss your weekly updates, gossip, FOPO love and snark.

  7. Veener says:

    Thanks, always enjoyed reading the blog!

  8. Sleeping Crow says:

    Time to write your first book, your way! Great work on the blog.

  9. grrlpup says:

    I will miss you! Thanks for all the news. 🙂

  10. Adam Herstein says:

    Sad to see this blog go! I’ve always enjoyed reading the lastesr Foster news. Perhaps we all need to organize a meet up and buy you all a beer for your years of service!

    • fosterpowellpdx says:

      I’m sad to send it off, too. But it’s time. Thanks for following…and the offer for beer.

  11. Sarah Kincaid says:

    Totally understand, but will also miss this blog terribly! It’s been such a great resource for staying in the loop with our awesome neighborhood. You did an amazing job with it, thank you!

  12. Nancy Chapin says:

    Thank you very much for this blog. As the person who staffed FABA starting in 1996, then chaired for a few years when my office was behind (now) Pieper’s) for 10 years – until 2015, and whose Board of Directors started Fun on Foster at Laurelwood Park I have appreciated keeping up with Foster happenings. The Fb page “Fun on Foster” is still alive and would definitely appreciate having a second administrator if anybody would like to volunteer.
    [email protected]

  13. Tony Lynott says:


  14. samgrover says:

    Thanks so much. I sure hope we can find another neighborhood voice as informative and friendly as yours has been. Best wishes.

  15. Christine says:


  16. Jeff! Oh man. You’ve had a great run. Will miss your updates and Friday videos. See you ’round the neighborhood!

  17. Kaye says:

    Thank you so much for your years of informative, insightful writing about our quirky changing neighborhood. Yours has been one of two blogs that I read every single time it posts. You will be missed. Best wishes for new adventures. 🙂

  18. Henry says:

    This blog has been an amazing resource over the years. Thanks for all that you’ve done!!

  19. matt howard says:

    Thanks for all your writing over the years and best wishes to you! Really appreciate the updates you have been so consistent with. Enjoy your retirement!

  20. Tim says:

    Thanks so much, this blog was killer. I owe you a beer as well. Glad you are staying in the hood.

  21. benmollica says:

    Thank YOU for all your coverage and contributions to our community!!
    What a bummer, but I get it. Let’s grab a beer at some point!

  22. Tess says:

    I will deeply miss this blog. It’s one of my favorite things about FoPo. Thank you so much for keeping us in the Foster Loop.

  23. Sarah Price says:

    Darn! Sorry to see you go! Your blog was always a place I could visit to get the facts, with a fair bit of (sympathetic) commentary mixed in too. You created something that will leave a void, for sure. happy landings!


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