Foster Folks

Get to know your neighborhood and the fabulous folks who embody it! If you know of anyone who deserves a little pedestal, has something interesting to say, or just needs a little one-on-one with the community, we would love to feature them here.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Click on the names below for the complete interviews:

The boys from NWIPA, Dan and Jackson
Marla Watson, from I Heart Retro
Neighborhood Artist, Remedio Rapoport
Henry Higgins’ Leah Orndoff
Foster’s Ambassador of Comedy, Matt Styner
Starday Tavern’s Justin and Shannon Amrine
Darling Press’s Jason and Alia Hoffman
PDX Farm’s Dan and Mike
Lucky Larder’s Traci Hildner
Velvet Goldmine’s Loni Gaghan
Andy Bischoff from Portland Fruit Company East
Jen and Mark from Foster Row
The Bobwhite’s Nick Haas
Bar Maven’s Bashar Farah
Eliseo Ruiz
Cat Davila
Ben Firestone, from SMART Collective
FoPo Pirates, Robert Cockroach Blair and Mercy Marie Dillingham
Miles Thompson
Holgate Library Staff
Matthew Nenninger
Rachel (from Pieper Cafe)
Matthew Mičetić (from Red Castle Games)
Linda Austin (Performance Works NW)
Lily Day Cafe
Speedboat Coffee
Marshall’s Haute Sauce
Suite C Tattoo
Sweetness Bakery
Paul Eymann
Rob Selva of Feast for Southeast
Cameron Hall
Daniel Campbell
T-Stop Photo
Dave Pell
Lansing Linoleum Co.
The Gemini Lounge
Salon Mojo
Nick Sauvie
The Ruby Box
LeRoy Goertz
April and Eric
The Lion’s Eye
Noelle K Labrousse
Jeff Lynott
Apex Wellness Center
Doug Geisler, SEIU
Bob and Irina
Jeff Ong of Chowswap
Sia Sellu
Vicki and John Wilson
Mary VanZant
Jennifer Merrill
Kathleen Miles
Ronit Fahl
Bondi Nyary

6 Responses to Foster Folks

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  4. Aaron Shimon says:

    I can’t find any dates on your articles?

  5. I just stumbled onto your blog. It’s awesome! Thanks for creating a great resource for my amazing neighborhood.


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