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31 Responses to Contribute

  1. David says:

    howdy. was looking to post some pic. i enjoy the site 🙂

  2. Kurt Sommer says:

    Hey FoPo-ians and website leadership,
    I was trying to start a foster-powell running group and wondered if I could post something about it on your site,

  3. MattSE60th says:

    Good article about the possibility of streetcars on Foster – thought I would pass it along…

    Streetcar line possible on SE Foster Road, City planners say

  4. Thanks for sharing, Matt. Good read.

  5. Snow Blackwood says:

    I want to join the FoPo parents group on Facebook. Could you tell me how? Thanks!

  6. Here’s one:
    I feel like there’s another one, not just designed for play groups. I’ll try and find a link for that.

  7. Kathleen Lansing says:

    A big guy on a small bike is roaming the Fo-Po neighborhood. Last week he suprised our estimator Don in the parking lot and showed him his “cool knife” that popped out of what looked like a wrench. He wasn’t really threatening Don, but it was disturbing. Does anyone know him?

  8. winston says:

    The Historic Bob White Theatre is having yet another SALE!!!! This time with free vintage cartoons on the big screen and voodoo doughnuts!!! The Sale will be on Sat the 11th from 8-am -1-pm. There is much more in the theatre to be released. We have clothes, furniture, stereo receivers, monitors, music equipment, file cabinets and many more. Bring your kids to enjoy the cartoons and get involved with the community!!! Go FOPO!!!!!

    6423 SE Foster Road; Portland, OR

  9. winston says:



    Volunteers needed. Saturday March 10th we will be having a volunteer cleaning party from 9-am till 3-pm. We will provide music, coffee and doughnuts for all volunteers. We thank you for all your support, and wish to keep the community together. The Historic Bob White theatre has made great strides in the renovation process and wishes to continue with the communities support.

  12. Addie says:

    Can you do a piece on what’s going on in the former se works building?

    • Yes, indeed. This is something that was already on our radar. I had a feeling people would be taking notice. In short, though, it looks like FoPo will be getting a new dog groomer and an activity space for kids.

  13. Devon says:

    Would you do a write up on a newish business? It is A-boy plumbing at about 73rd and Foster. It has a new addition that is selling outdoor plants in the lot to the right. Looks like it is getting to be quite big, as far as plant selection and soil mixes. This was started up last year. A very welcome addition to our hood and a local business to support.

    Thank you.

    • MizVerde says:

      Love this place…we have frequented both aspects of the A-Boy biz, ourselves!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Devon. We’re pretty fortunate to have Seven Dees and A-Boy garden center in the neighborhood. It certainly makes gardening a little easier.

      We love highlighting our local businesses, and A-Boy fits the frame. Perhaps we’ll include them in one of our weekly profiles. Also, if you’d be interested in writing a review, we’re always taking submissions.

      Cheers…and thanks for following.

  14. I noticed someone was forming a running group, so maybe you can mention the neighborhood walking group I’ve created just across Powell in the South Tabor hood. We meet
    Wednesdays at 7pm
    @ the corner of SE Woodward and SE 66th
    We get together to meet peeps in the area, walk and talk, and see what’s going on around us. Sometimes we head to Mt Tabor, sometimes we head down towards Foster. The more the merrier!
    Questions? direct ’em to Kristin take it outside fitness dot com or 503.701.2179.

  15. MattSE60th says:

    Here’s a link to the recent news coverage of the Foster Road safety protest/action. I thought folks might be interested in seeing it.

  16. Thanks for sharing, Matt. We’re all hoping some of this attention will prompt the city into action.

  17. The FoPo region has certainly improved in recent years. However, one of the huge problems up and down Foster Road is far too many bars, convenience shops, and other stores selling alcohol. I counted more than 30 establishments selling liquor between 50 & 92nd streets. These places no doubt contribute to the problems of crime and dangerous driving.

    What other stretch of road in Portland serves as a veritable dumping ground for so many alcohol sales?

    We need to involve the Oregon Liquor Commission and get some of these liquor licenses yanked.

    Foster Road will not improve until this is done.

  18. steve geiger says:

    I’m not sure if anyone here is aware of why the former head shop Highway 420 and it’s sister organization “Foster Healing center” shut down or if anything had been contributed here with any info that described the events that led to our decision to leave the neighborhood.
    So I thought I would provide some of that info for anyone who was curious or any of our supporters who were left wondering what happened.

    I had lived in the Foster neighborhood from 2005 until several months ago when we were forced to leave. I started the head shop “Highway 420” back in 2008 and then opened the country’s first “above ground” medical marijuana smoking lounge. We made the national news and grew very quickly. This massive growth prompted our collective to lease the space next to the head shop and thus the Foster healing center was born.

    We helped many people and were active in the neighborhood helping those we could.

    Contrary to rumor, we did not get shut down by the feds but rather voluntarily shut down at the request of the owner of the building. Wew continued to operate the store and some time after that our headshop began to be vandalized, This was followed by three consecutive burglaries which included more unnecessary vandalism and a large amount of theft. Despite knowing the kids in the neighborhood who were “directly” responsible (the rest of the Foster neighborhood and the local business owners who we thought were our friends) all clammed up and had no assistance for us and very little support. It was disapointing to see such a strong hand from behind the Foster neighborhood scene scaring the neighborhood into silence.

    Certainly nothing to be proud of as a neighborhood that I once loved.
    -Steve Geiger
    Highway 420

  19. 62ndgarden says:

    My sweetie and I tried Nayar Taquerita the other day and both loved the food. I really loved my ceviche sans blas with a hortchata. It was fresh and a little spicy and perfect for the hot weather. I am looking forward the the more gloomy days (yeah, I said it), when the shades will be rolled up and I can sit at the window in that nice mint green and dark wood room. We also tried Bar Maven last night. Great atmosphere (now that the music has settled down a bit -the first few times we came by, dance club music was blasting out of that “Simon-Says” jukebox and it was too much). I love that decor, too. I had a tasty gyro and my man had a likewise tasty club sandwich. The cherry old fashioned was pretty delicious, too. Yeah! for Fo-Po food and drink.

  20. Jennifer Karps says:


    I’d love help getting the word out that Friends of Trees is giving Foster Powell extra love this year in the form of free street trees! Fo Po residents can sign up at the FOT website ( After an inspection to determine planting potential, you get to order your free street trees. In January, neighbors get together and plant each other’s trees. It’s awesome!

  21. john howells says:

    Tried to check out FO PO tavern and although signs and your website says its open I went by at 4pm and was closed. If your going to promote it on your website I would suggest confirming the open first and listing hours open also as they have no signs letting public know.
    John Howells

    • In no way are we promoting for FoPo Tavern. We’re simply informing people that they’re open for business. Feel free to dig a little to get hours of operation, etc.

  22. Ian says:

    Traffic is cutting through Gladstone St between 60th and 62nd, there are children and animals at increased risk from speeders, what is the protocol for getting speed bumps installed?

    • Thanks for posting, Ian. I don’t know the exact protocol, but from what I understand it requires some buy-in/investment from neighbors. In other words, the city is amenable to installing them if residents/businesses help with the cost. I’m assuming a case would have to be made for the necessity, too.

      Here’s a quick reference:

      Also, you may want to post on our Facebook page, the FoPo Community Forum FB page, or on to see if anybody has experience with this.



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