Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Welcome back to the weekend. The wet, wet weekend. We’ll actually get a reprieve from the rain today, but Saturday and Sunday brings plenty. Find cover inside, perhaps at Backstory Books with a good book, or in the market hall at the Mercado. Or just grab some takeout from Carts on Foster and find refuge at home. Either way, you can still enjoy Foster this weekend.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Well, Softipper Darts is mostly cleared out. And we can only imagine a new tenant will get dibs on the space soon. We’ve heard no new rumors about a potential market, so it still remains to be seen. More to come, I’m sure…

– Speaking of commercial spaces, the former Use It Again thrift-store space is being remodeled to make way for the expansion of 10th Planet  Jiu Jitsu, which currently operates in the upstairs space at 5816 SE Foster.

– And speaking of expansions, we posted earlier this week about Torta-Landia’s soon-to-be second bar. The recently-vacant storefront just south or Torta will someday soon become a secondary bar for the family-friendly Mexican food spot. The doorway into the adjoining space is seemingly in place, and it appears as if a bar has already been installed. No word on timeline, but expect more Tequila.

– We also posted this week about our new Facebook account. If you like following us in that format, you may have seen our old page was deactivated. You can blame the fact we weren’t actually named Foster Powell at birth, and the Facebook gods needed id to keep the page name. So, we created a new page. Check it out here. Nothing fancy, but you’ll have to “like” it to get the feed.

– For those who are accustomed to music at the regular spots—Starday, SMART Collective, O’Malley’s, and Double Treble—here’s a heads up on a couple other venues to catch music in the near future: Foxy Lemon will be performing at NWIPA next Friday, January 22, and the Double-clicks will be returning to Red Castle Games on February 13.

– As for this weekend, here’s what we’ve got for live music:
Starday Tavern- Amber Harlan Granmo Trio tonight at 9pm
SMART Collective- La Grippe (with Sadists and Show Me The Body) tonight at 5:30; all ages; discount to students with ID

Enjoy the weekend, y’all. Feel free to share any news and happenings we missed.

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