Goonies Never Say ‘Die’

Word of warning: Don’t take Troy’s bucket. You’ll be passing up on a world of wonder. (Plus he’s a square.)

Also, don’t not see Goonies at Essex Park tomorrow. That would be sacrilegious.

Not seeing Goonies would be like letting the Fratellis win. It would be like letting Chester Copperpot’s memory die in vain; One Eyed Willy’s riches lost forever. All of Data’s gadgets would go to waste, Mikey would never score with the hot older chick, and all of Astoria would be sold off to developers. And you might be personally held responsible for Mikey’s transformation from pre-teen heartthrob into chunky Samwise Gamgee. All because you didn’t see the Goonies.

So go. Wednesday (tomorrow) at Essex Park. Pre-movie fun and live music starts at 6:30, flick starts at dusk.

And in case you need more convincing:

And this…

Oh, and for the 80s cats, this for good measure…

How could you not go now?

#ChesterCopperpotChesterCopperpot #HeyYouGuys #BoobyTwap

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