Books, Yarn and Art: Foster’s Newest Old Used-Bookstore Open for Business

IMG_3042Just in time for your holiday shopping.

Foster’s newest old used-bookstore is up and running, and it’s well worth your visit. Backstory Books opened at their new location a couple weeks ago after previously operating out of a small space at Carts on Foster. Backstory now boasts of a true storefront and proper retail space.


IMG_3043The former Goyita’s Market has been completely transformed. New sign coming soon.

Located at 6010 SE Foster, Amanda Doimas’s bookstore sells used books, sure, but you can also find art and yarn for sale, as well as little nooks to read in. As for the art, the neighborhood’s own Vicki Wilson (from the Foster Window Project and FoPo Community Garden) and Linda Rand (from “Zodiac art space and curio” at Carts on Foster) sell their work in the store.

IMG_3041Get on it. Support your local businesses. Support your local artists. Buy more books.

Oh, and a couple things to look forward to:
For the parents of you, there could be a regular “story time” in the works.
Also, a “meet the artist” event is scheduled for December 16 (right after the Foster Tree Lighting in Laurelwood Park), in which Vicki Wilson will be in-house to show off some of her ceramics and sculptures. More on that later.

Did we say support your local businesses and artists yet?

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3 Responses to Books, Yarn and Art: Foster’s Newest Old Used-Bookstore Open for Business

  1. porksy says:

    I like the little reading corner! Perfect spot for a good read.

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