Catching Up…

Here we are, nearly two weeks since our last post, finally discovering the time needed to blog. We hope you all had an over-indulgent Thanksgiving; it’s good to do sometimes.

In catching up a bit, we see that the Bob White Theater curiously remains inactive, but continue to hope there are cool things happening inside. With that being said, we can at least look forward to the opening of three new businesses in the near future: Off The Griddle, Futpool Portland, and Bread & Roses Market.

Off The Griddle is the restaurant-to-be (and once famous food cart) set to open in the former Double Treble space at 6526 SE Foster. (Folks may better remember the location from the Gemini Lounge days, or its revolving cast of bars prior to that.) Here’s what we know about Off The Griddle—it was once a popular food cart that specialized in veggie/vegan burgers; their band of loyal followers have waited nearly three years for the “OTG Burger” to return (since the cart’s closing in 2013); the owners, who live in the neighborhood, run the successful A.N.D. Cafe on 54th and Burnside; and, according to an OLCC liquor license application, there will be booze and outdoor seating. Also, we repeat: this is a new restaurant on Foster!

IMG_3611We also have a community market in the works, as Bread & Roses Market continues to make progress toward its opening. There hasn’t been a lot of obvious movement, but we do know the proprietor is building/assembling/designing everything mostly on his own, save for improvements that require professional contracting. Although progress has come slow on the space—it was originally expected to be open by summer’s end—we do know that there is, indeed, progress. In fact, the most recent permits pulled for the space indicate a new bathroom being installed, as well as a deli and dining counter. We’re eager to have this addition in the neighborhood.

A few blocks up the road, soccer fans should soon be able to delight in a new recreation (and bar?) space. We wrote about Futpool Portland a few weeks ago, and it sounds like build-out of the space continues to move forward. We’ll have more info on this later.

In other news and calendar-worthy happenings, Foster’s second annual holiday tree lighting is scheduled for this Tuesday (11/29) at Laurelwood Park. Festivities run from 6 – 8 p.m. and will feature none other than Twiggy, the non-denominational, three-foot, traveling and fake tree. This is a fun family-friendly event, even if a bit short on tree for the lighting ceremony.

imageAnd finally, one other bit of business-related news: Saint Frank’s Music, the new/used guitar store operating next to Hallowed Halls in the Wikman Building (at SE 64th and Holgate) is expanding their business. In addition to musical equipment, the space will now be selling records and art. There will be some small renovations to the space, too, which will include a new listening station for the record cotnnesiour. This is good news, as Foster has quickly become a destination point for record collectors—in addition to Variety Shop, and Green Noise, Bar Carlo recently started selling records too. The addition of art, too, should only strengthen the neighborhood’s growing art scene…and perhaps they’ll participate in the monthly art walk that took hold this year.

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2 Responses to Catching Up…

  1. Spiffy says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting Off The Griddle… need something other than Mexican food and Bar Maven to get my vegan on… sorry Bar Carlo, but you’ll be losing my business to this new restaurant due to all the vegan options…

    and if they also have cheap happy hour cocktails they’ll be stealing Bar Maven business, but not much, because those guys rock…

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