Restaurant and brewery in the works for Foster?


Could this be the location of a future restaurant and brewery?

We don’t mean to excite you all prematurely. Nor do we want to celebrate the potential demise of a long-time business and fixture on Foster.


Restaurant and brewery, y’all.


We’re only making an educated guess based on a recent early assistance intake, whereas the city’s Bureau of Development Services lists a change-of-use application for the property currently known as Paldo Market (at 6112 SE Foster). And while it would be a shame to lose a neighborhood market, especially one that offers a diverse mix of cheap snacks, Korean fare, and other assorted grocery items, we figured some of you may delight in the thought of another place to eat, drink, and be merry. Many would miss paldoPaldo Market if, indeed, they make way for a new concept in the space—count us in  that camp—but this property has been for sale and/or lease several times at various points in the last few years, so it’s no surprise a change may be in the works. It would be a sad goodbye to a uniquely Foster business, but a restaurant and brewery could be a nice score, too.

We shall see.

This comes at a time when several new businesses are set to open up and down Foster, as we pointed out yesterday. It’s also worth noting that a large commercial space is for lease next door, where Winly Cash and Carry most recently operated (and a mattress store before that, and Blockbuster Video before that). And with new residential and commercial construction on the way, perhaps the pace of change may be faster than we anticipated.


City of Portland, BDS

With that being said, we only have the above documentation as source for our rumor mongering, so take from it what you will…

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8 Responses to Restaurant and brewery in the works for Foster?

  1. Spiffy says:

    wondering why I hadn’t seen the shopping carts locked up outside for a while…

    sad because the bulk Asian place behind it attached to 7-Eleven also shut down…

  2. Kaye says:

    Woot!! Bring it!

  3. Emily PF says:

    When you go to the architecture’s site, things look pretty promising.

  4. Anti-m says:

    Well, that’s very exciting! I will miss Paldo, though. Particularly since Winly didn’t make it.

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