The Mysterious Case of Euro Classic’s Support for Eudaly

imageFor those keeping track of the ever-changing signage at Euro Classic Furniture, it may have struck you odd that they recently threw their support toward the recently elected and Vision Zero advocate, Chloe Eudaly.

While their scorn toward outgoing commissioner, Steve Novick, is understandable given his presiding over the transportation bureau that is responsible for the Foster Streetscape Plan they so colorfully opposed, we had to wonder why they felt they had an ally in Eudaly.

And to be honest, the notion that Eudaly may somehow reshape the highly anticipated plans for Foster had us a bit paranoid.

Our rational brain reminded us of a couple things, though: just because Novick oversaw PBOT, it doesn’t mean incoming mayor Wheeler will dole out the same bureau responsibilities once in office. Secondly, Eudaly has gone on record saying she supports Vision Zero and, to our knowledge, never made any public comments about putting a halt to high profile transportation projects.

imageStill, after more than a decade of fighting for transportation, safety, and aesthetic enhancements for Foster, Euro Classic’s signage still had us contemplating “what if?”

But then we received this, a note from Eudaly to one of our readers, who happened to reach out to her with similar concerns:
        “Commissioner-Elect Chloe Eudaly does not personally know Jon Schleifer and had no knowledge of the sign until it appeared on Instagram. In her one prior exchange with Mr. Schleifer she informed him that safe streets for all users was her overriding concern on Foster-Powell and throughout the city. While she was perplexed by the sentiment, she would like to commend him on his haiku writing skills.”

While Eudaly’s comments do not explicitly state support for the Streetscape Plan, it should put some worry to rest. And the fact that Schleifer’s haiku-writing skills were not lost on her just made her that much more worthy of representing us on City Council.

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10 Responses to The Mysterious Case of Euro Classic’s Support for Eudaly

  1. Bob Manno says:

    It’s kind of hard to reconcile that proposed scary bike lane with Vision Zero. How about it, Chloe: get rid of some parking and make a world-class separated bike lane!

  2. Kes says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for researching and posting this! We had noticed the sign as well, and I was thinking “oh no… I going to have to call up the new Commissioner and quiz her? Is this going to be a battle with have to fight….again…??”

    So thank you for looking into it and sharing what you know with us.

  3. Adam Herstein says:

    So suddenly they care about safety for all road users? Heh.

  4. Krs10 says:

    Surprisingly, none of my concerns were addressed in her answer… maybe she can write a comic book about her position.

  5. Scott Wright says:

    I genuinely do not understand why Euro classic is so opposed to growth and economic development for our neighborhood. Perhaps we should voice our comments to them on their yelp page in the form of one star reviews.

    • Bob Manno says:

      They don’t need to swear a loyalty oath to our worldview to do business in our neighborhood. Sabotaging someone’s livelihood (when you have no problem with their business) just because they don’t agree with you is endorsing a scary brand of authoritarianism.
      This is a democracy. They get to voice their views as loudly as they want. I want them and their dissent in our neighborhood. They are at least engaging in the process and drawing attention to an issue, and I prefer more community involvement to less.
      So go shop there. Buy a couch. I certainly prefer a thriving furniture store in the neighborhood to, say, another pot shop or tattoo parlor or dollar store or empty storefront or parking lot. And sure, have a chat with the people who run it. Isn’t that the world you’d rather live in? Or do you prefer the one with more failed local businesses and broken businesspeople?

      • Matthew says:

        I think that by that same logic, Scott has a right to voice his discontent with Euro Furniture and to do so with a review.

        A business is more than its prices and selection; it’s about character and, in the case of small business, it’s about community. I think Euro Furniture has shown a lack of both. They are a tasteless stain on the neighborhood in my opinion.

        If their closing means we have another vacant lot, I welcome that. I genuinely believe this redevelopment will bring a wave of wonderful businesses to vill the void and be a huge boon for homeowners.

  6. DRO says:

    Um, it’s not a Haiku. Haikus have 17 syllables. This only has 16. Fingers crossed Chloe is a better administrator than poetry critic.

    • Bunny says:

      I too did the math on the syllables and concluded this isn’t a haiku! Her election is a major disappointment, she has proven herself to be a single issue candidate (affordable housing) and proven to not be very knowledge on that. Give me Steve any day

      • Con Man says:

        Con Man also did the math and did not come up with 17. Con Man figured he’d had too much to drink.


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