Day Theater, more commercial property for sale on Foster


5702 SE Center

Well, it’s not a large property. And it’s not technically on Foster. But a commercial building that sits along the corridor at 5702 SE Center is for sale. And we’ll venture a guess that the fate of the property is not as a car-wash (as was previously sort of the case.)

It is unclear what the commercial building that sits on the property was previously used for, and we’re not so certain cars were ever washed (as advertised) in the lot adjacent to the building. Perhaps it’ll always be a mystery, just as so many along Foster are.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.43.53 PM.png

The back side of 5702 SE Center as it runs along Foster

What’s also a mystery, though, is how the building jumped nearly 80% in value in less than a year. According to, 5702 SE Center is currently for sale to the tune of $349,000…which would be quite a jump from the October sales price of $195,000, as per

Yowza. With that being said, one of our readers pointed out that the back lot could serve as a pretty rad food cart pod. A little creativity could go a long way. I suppose we’d take anything, though.

But if speculative property isn’t your thing, we have another property for you just a block-and-a-half west: the Day Theater.


The Day Theater during February’s Second Saturday Foster Art Walk

Unfortunately, we don’t have a real estate listing. All we have is a sign. (But they don’t usually pop up by coincidence.) We imagine it would take a lot more than the $349,000 down the street, so we’ll advise that you check with your financial planner first. But if you’ve got the dough, make something happen.

Currently used as dance and fitness space, an art and framing gallery, and home to Portland Radio Project, the Day Theater is a perfect example of the arts and community-use coming together. Hopefully a potential sale does noting to stray from that, though we might add that there still may be additional unrealized potential in the building.


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Ganja on the go…

Who knew—not only is pot legal, but it can now be delivered. Amazon Prime should have a  heyday with this…


BDS Commercial Building Intake w/Google Image

* Link to BDS list of Commercial Building Intakes

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Here we are again, the weekend. And it couldn’t have come sooner. After a few days blog-free, we return with some neighborhood happenings and events. And perhaps one day–today–of sun over the next few days.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Spring is coming; we can feel it. February, obviously, has been very wet. But the shrubs and trees are threatening to bud, and bulbs daring to poke out of the ground. Warmer, FPCG-2017-schedule-frontdrier days are getting nearer. As such, consider how you might get out in to the neighborhood whereas you most recently may have been deterred for the weather.

– With spring on the way, here’s another PSA: check out and support your Foster-Powell Community Garden. The former gas station on ODOT-owned land at SE 62nd and Powell has grown a lot in the last couple years, literally and figuratively. But it doesn’t grow on it own. Check out the garden’s website, and if you have an affinity for gardening, being outside, and getting a little dirty, consider how you may help keep the garden strong. Here’s a start–see image the right.

– Speaking of supporting the community, Pieper Cafe will be donating 10% of all their sales today (Friday) to the Immigrant& Refugee Community Organization. This is a wonderful cause, and a simple cup of coffee and bagel is all you need to do your part. And remember, Pieper stays open late on Fridays. So if you’re looking for an early Friday happy hour, they have you covered there, too.

– And sorry we missed this earlier in the month, but it’s also worth noting that Backstory Books will be donating 10% of every gift certificate purchase to the Portland chapter of the NAACP. Gift certificates are perfect for birthdays and other celebrations, so stock up now.

unnamed– If you missed out on the Second Saturday Foster Art Walk last week, fear not, all is not lost. Not only can you catch it in March, but you have an opportunity for art and music and revelry this weekend, too. NWIPA is hosting an art opening and live music event this Saturday from 6-10 pm. Jess Bronk will be opening her art showing at the bottle shop, and live music will come courtesy of Soft Paws and Ann Krue. Showing starts at 6, music at 8:30.

– We haven’t been in for a few days, so we can’t confirm, but there’s word Bar Carlo will be taking credit cards again.

– Cheap pizza and beer is back at O’Malley’s. Well, it never really left, but now you can pair the two for an inexpensive happy hour. “Hamm’s and Pizza Mondays” gets you a 10-inch pie and pint of Hamm’s for only $12 between 5-8 pm. And remember, the wee ones are allowed entry during those hours, so bring the fam.

Here’s your weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Buzz Holland Happy Hour w/Paula Sinclair (6 pm) and Amber Harlan Trio (9 pm), Friday; The Spirit of 206, Saturday at 9 pm; Chill Out w/Chaz Lake (Live Painting), Sunday at 8 pm
NWIPA- Super Beer Bros: Level One Release, Friday at 6 pm; Jess Bronk + Soft Paws art opening and live music, Saturday from 6-10 pm
Performance Works NW- UnPresidented Acts, Monday at 7 pm

Enjoy the weekend, y’all…

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Welcome to the weekend. We have clouds and rain in the immediate forecast, but things dry off slightly on Sunday with a three-day stretch of sun and 50-degree temps. There are some fun things happening locally, so consider finding your way to Foster and supporting our small businesses.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– As we suggested above, now would be a good time to get out of your winter-weather-induced hibernation and support your local business district. Foster (and Powell and 82nd) is ripe with small businesses that meet a variety of needs. You may have to dig a little, but the variety of goods you can buy in the neighborhood is pretty impressive–food, drink, records, art, taxidermy, coffee, board games, kids’ toys, assorted plumbing, clothing, furniture, pot, groceries, car servicing. Just remember: many of our local businesses saw a huge decrease in business during the recent snow storms, and are still trying to recover. Continue showing them love, y’all.

– In a bit of bummer news: the Foster Streetscape Plan has been delayed again, with a new construction start time estimated for early 2018. You can read more here.

– We heard from one of our readers that the Day Theater may be for sale. We don’t have a real estate listing as confirmation, but we’ll keep you posted when we do.

– Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk returns this weekend, with an array of showings at Latchkey Gallery, Flat Blak Gallery, Wild At Heart Salon, Green Noise Records, Po’ Boy Art and Framing, Darling Press Studio, and the Champagne Room Gallery. (There could be slide_1more.) Here’s a rundown of showings we know about (with most including snacks and drinks–check listings for times):
Flat BlakB. The Love
Backstory Books- Wordclould Portrait Artshow
Latchkey GalleryApophenia/Epiphany reception (and more)
Green NoiseAdam Burke Art Show /Live Music by the Flip-Tops
Wild At Heart Salon– images of local photographer Keri Friedman
Poy Boy ArtNeal Williams Art Show
Darling PressSecond Saturday Event
Champagne RoomRomantic Skytop Stroll

– The other big event this weekend is a dual-venue, multi-artist musical event at Starday Tavern and O’Malley’s. The 12-band showing, dubbed Valentine’s Day Massacre and 16508560_1255451067881086_1238311850068050661_nhosted by Volume Bomb Records and Guitars, will be similar to the live mucis event that brought 29 bands to several bars on the same 2-block stretch of Foster over the summer. The only difference is Da Hui and (the former) Double Treble won’t be involved this time. But that’s ok. There will be fewer bands than in August, which only means it’ll be easier to catch them all–which you should. Kudos to Volume Bomb, Starday and O’Malley’s for representing Foster to the fullest and keeping live music alive and well in Southeast.

– Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk, and the Valentine’s Day Massacre music showcase, will bring a lot of energy to the neighborhood Saturday. Be part of it, one way or another.

– Here’s what else is happening:
SMART Collective- Penalty Kick//Butterfly//Millenial Falcon//Gila Monster, Friday: 7-9 pm
Performance Works NWCabaret Boris & Natasha, Friday and Saturday at 8pm
NWIPA- Block 15 Bourbon Block Out, Saturday at 5pm
Starday Tavern- Texadrine w/Billy Kennedy (6pm) and Careless Whisper w/Alex Marine (9pm), Friday; Valentine’s Day Massacre, Saturday at 8pm
O’Malley’s- Valentine’s Day Massacre, Saturday at 8pm

Enjoy your weekend, y’all…

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Western stretch of Foster still a year away from safety improvements, new streetscape

The highly anticipated Foster Transportation and Streetscape Project is a nearly-15-year plan-in-the-making. We’ll spare you the details of its conception, but after years upon years of neighborhood advocacy in response to pedestrian-safety issues, the city approved the plan in 2014 to help create a safer corridor for pedestrians, bicyclists and automobile drivers. One element of the plan, too, would bring much needed aesthetic upgrades.

This last September, more than two years after the plan was unanimously approved by City Council, we were given an updated timeline for project construction. That update provided by PBOT (and posted here) included a spring 2017 start date. Less than two months later, a wrinkle was added to that timeline, as the city saw an infusion of cash for a more comprehensive upgrade of Foster—this infusion, specifically, would help with a much needed re-paving project east of 82nd. That added wrinkle, though, created a conflict in how money would be doled out—some from the city, some from the feds, each with their own criteria for spending. These changes (which you can read more about here), along with a new design that would make the bike lanes nearing SE 52nd more connective, led to the project being separated into two: one east of 82nd, one west. It was not feasible to do both projects simultaneously. As such, the spring start date (which would have been in the coming months) was pushed back to the end of 2017.



Sample cross-section looking southeast on Foster at SE Holgate. Image from PBOT, Foster Transportation and Streetscape Plan.This is a simplified version of the project’s evolution.

This is a simplified version of the project’s evolution.

Now being firmly into 2017, we thought we’d reach out to PBOT project manager, Rich Newlands, to see how solid plans were to still start construction by year’s-end. Newlands confirmed earlier reports that the city is still moving forward with the phased construction of the project, with the eastern stretch beginning this spring. Completion of that span would be in the fall.

Meanwhile, design/engineering on the western stretch (from SE 52nd to 82nd) would continue through that duration. What’s new, though, is that late-2017 will now mark when the project will go to bid. This puts anticipated construction into 2018, and Newlands suggested a conservative estimate for project start date would be early next year.

We’re not sure if this will be reassuring to our readers, or if it will push some toward guarded optimism. After 15 years in the making, it’s hard to see another delay. We’ll cross our fingers there are no more…

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Friday posts seemed like a thing of the past, but we’ll try to pick up where we left off: a bit of neighborhood news, happenings, and upcoming events. Oh, and a bit of old school hip-hop.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Speaking of old school hip-hop, O’Malley’s will play rare host to throwback hip-hop and R&B jams this Saturday. Yes, it’s a bit of a departure from their usual rock, metal, and punk shows, but it should still be worth your while. (We like to think everyone loves 90’s-era hip-hop like we do.)

– We shared an update (non-update?) on the rumored restaurant and brewery-to-be in the former Paldo Market space earlier this week. Plans are still in the works, but not yet a done deal. We’ll assume there’s now a collective crossing of fingers.

– Second Saturday Foster Art Walk returns for the month of February. We’ll have more details next week, but look forward to showings at Po Boy Art Gallery and Framing (at the Day Theater), Backstory Books, Champagne Room Gallery (at Foster Row), and Latchkey Gallery. Saturday, February 11.

– Also for your radar next Saturday: Valentine’s Day Massacre! Another multi-venue live music showcase on Foster, courtesy of Volume Bomb Records, Starday Tavern and O’Malley’s. Several bands will be performing at both venues Saturday, February 11, starting at 8pm. Get on this, folks. The last time Volume Bomb, O’Malley’s and Starday teamed up, Foster was live and in effect.

– For the parents out there: you can now rejoice in the eventual return of teeter-totters at Kern Park. Expected return is March, but possibly as early as the end of this month.

– The Lunar New Year will be celebrated at the Holgate Library this Tuesday, February 7, from 6 – 7:30 pm. Enjoy cultural performances, food, and activities.

– Bar Maven features Chris Yu’s Korean Fried Chicken Wings every Wednesday. And for the month of February, Barley Brown’s Beer will be taking over the taps, with nine of their 16174646_10106241794191213_6893221978292067013_nbeers on extended run. Not that you needed an excuse to hit up Bar Maven. Just sayin…

– Folks, take care of each other; support your neighbors; make your neighborhood strong.

– Here’s your weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Friday: Buzz Holland Band Happy Hour w/Paula Sinclair (6pm) and Saucy Yoda/Caws & Effects/Josie & The Jazzhams/Dante Manalo (9pm). Saturday: La Rivera (6pm) and Sounds Visual (9pm). Sunday: Peter Knudsen Trio, 9pm
O’Malley’s- Missy & Luda: A Hip-Hop Party w/Duncan Gerow, Saturday at 9 pm
NWIPA- Melvin Brewing’s 2×4 Day, Saturday from 5 – 11. *We hear there will be kung-fu, hip-hop, and free swag.

Enjoy the weekend, y’all.

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