This Saturday: Foster’s art walk brings art, live music, food and drink

As of now, the five day forecast says Saturday is our first best chance at sun and a brief return to 70-degree temperatures. Sure, there’s a slight chance of rain, but not enough to dampen our spirits.

If that’s not enough to get you out on Saturday, we might also add that this month’s Second Saturday Foster Art Walk will probably be the biggest and baddest yet. Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good (thanks, Beastie Boys, for making that distinction).

So, yeah, Foster beckons, art awaits, and you have more venues to capture the vibes than you’ve ever had. Welcome to October’s Second Saturday.

We don’t know how late into the fall this event will span, so let’s call this your last best chance to catch a rad, local art walk that has outpaced most peoples’ expectations for what Foster can handle in the way of art. And if you haven’t been paying attention, Foster does have art and you’ve been missing out. No longer, though. Here’s what Saturday has in store for you (each and every one of you).

Darling Press Studio (5300 SE Foster)
Darling Press joins in the Second Saturday action with an art opening by Brooke Walker-Knoblich, from 7 – 10 p.m. Walker-Knoblich’s opening will be joined by Lauren Winter, who will have a selection of clothes for sale, and Lost & Found Fitness, who will be celebrating their grand opening in the same location. Drinks and snacks will be provided, and the whole family is welcome.

Po’ Boy Art (5444 SE Foster)
The new-ish gallery and framing studio at the Day Theater has been a huge contributor to Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk. Not only is the gallery well curated, but several artists take part, there’s usually a DJ spinning records outside, and the energy is on point. This month should be no different, as Jason Brown and Chris Haberman present Little by Little, “a group art show of small works 12 inches or less.” And yes, DJ Joel Barber will be on hand playing music. 4 – 9 p.m.

Green Noise (5857 SE Foster)
These guys have jumped into Second Saturday full-fledged, as they continue this month with another pairing of art and live music. Green Noise proudly presents the art of Martin Winch, the musical stylings of Fire Nuns, and free drinks and snacks. Show them some love, buy some records and art. All ages, 6 – 8 p.m.

Flat Blak (6006 SE Foster)
Flat Blak Gallery gets a jump on spooky with their Halloween-themed art show, R.I.P. City. The work on display will be from emerging artists who’ve submitted their art specifically for this exhibit. With a cash prize awaiting the juror-awarded artist, all art will fall under a theme of spooky, morbid, risqué, or funny. Check it out, have a beer. 5 – 8 p.m.

14469617_662110030622926_5449569404665050076_nBackstory Books & Yarn (6010 SE Foster)
Foster’s used book (and yarn) store is hosting Anne Ferguson, who will be displaying selected paintings, digital illustrations, and original pen and ink drawings for the Second Saturday event. 4 – 8 p.m.

Kilroy’s Tattoo (6012 SE Foster)
Ok, if we haven’t sold you on Second Saturday yet, let us re-introduce you to Kilroy’s Tattoo. They’ll not only be hosting the art work of Sylvia Mann, but will also have the band, Thee-Tribble-Ations, performing live. What’s more, Thee-Tribble-Ations rock the Star Trek-themed music and all are invited to dress as their favorite Star Trek character. This event, dubbed Dangerous Nature, will run from 5 – 11 p.m.

BenWill Gallery (4533 SE 67th Avenue)
Holding it down for the eastern stretch of the art walk is BenWill Gallery. BenWill has not been open for all Second Saturdays, so this is a rare treat. Ben’s gallery and studio is equal parts classical display gallery and backdoor peek into the space where magic is made. The gallery fronts SE 67th (just off Foster), but the larger studio in the back is where the party happens. See several of Ben’s works, plus the art of N. Larissa, who’s participating in this year’s PDX Open Studios. There will be chicken tacos and a bar, and a live musical performance by Southern North, too. 6 – 10 p.m.

* We’ll presume Latchkey Gallery will be open and sharing the works of Cortney Erskine and more. And we believe Wild at Heart Salon, too, will be displaying art (by Sarah Fry?) on their walls. NWIPA (and Bar Carlo, though we don’t know what/how after they reconfigured their space) always has art curated through their space, as well, so make sure to show Foster some love this Saturday. If you know of more participating venues, let us know.

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Restaurant in the works for Foster?

I’ll go ahead and start two rumors here:

One, the Double Treble space may have been snatched up already. Two, we may be getting another place to dine on Foster.

We’d love to just leave you with that in a cruel test of patience and frustration tolerance. Instead, we’ll stray from a very strict habit of not posting on weekends and elaborate on our rumors.

First, the Double Treble space has a new tenant. In theory, at least–a lease has been signed; no occupants yet, though.

Secondly, we’ve learned the occupants-to-be have some bloodlines that indicate we’ll get more than just typical bar fare. And that alone is newsworthy. The folks behind (the once popular food cart) Off The Griddle and A.N.D. Cafe appear to be taking over the space at 6516 SE Foster. As of now, it seems we may get some iteration of the former, as the ever popular O.T.G. Burger has already been promised as a future menu item. We were contacted by one of the owners, who happen to be local, and they expressed their excitement over opening a restaurant in their own neighborhood. And if we were to venture a guess, folks will be pretty excited to have them too.

We’ll share more details as they come.  But for now, expect a few months of renovations, with a planned opening in January.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Slow week for news and happenings + busy personal life = light blogging for the week. We got you covered for the Friday post, though. Make sure you find a way to get out and about this weekend, even if just for a quick drink, a bagel, some records, or simply for a walk around the neighborhood.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Well, another homeless camp has made the news. And it sits right on the northern edge of the neighborhood at SE 75th and Powell Blvd. Apparently the parking pull-outs along Powell actually do serve a purpose, though probably not how neighbors would like to see the spaces used. Apparently things have gotten pretty bad–campers don’t feel welcome, neighbors don’t feel safe–and city policy and weird jurisdictional pass-offs (between the city, ODOT, police, and Mayor’s office) hasn’t given folks much sense of resolve.

Draft Magazine included N.W.I.P.A. in their list of top beer bars. Not just in Portland, but nationwide. They get special praise in the “Western Region” section, which is a nice claim to fame for the neighborhood. Good on them.

– Uh, it’s just about October. Yikes!

Dickey Doo’s Pub and Grub is soon to be no longer. Enter the next era of that location’s revolving door of substandard bars. We’ll cross our fingers Local 66 proves us wrong.

– Second Saturday comes early in October. It’s next Saturday, October 8. In addition to the regular venues, Darling Press (at Foster Row) and BenWill Gallery will be joining in the fun. Put it on your calendars, people.

Here’s your weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Madjesdiq, 9 pm Friday; Deephaus, 9 pm Saturday
NWIPA- Matt’s BBQ Dinner, Sunday at 5pm (tickets required); Burger Monday, 6-8 pm (tickets can be bought here)

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Dickey Doos to become “Local 66”

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-5-12-45-pmThe famed Dickey Doos Pub and Grub, best known for a parking-lot shooting and the occasional Prince cover band is soon to be no more.

We knew this day was coming, but now we know the assumed new name once different ownership takes over.

According to a recent OLCC liquor license application, the neighborhood bar at SE Powell and 66th Avenue is changing ownership and names.

Enter Local 66, the latest bar-to-be to take a stab at the 6618 SE Powell location.

We’re pretty sure it was once called Station 66, and more recently Undefeated Sports Bar, but our memory can no longer be trusted, especially with all the turnover in bars in these parts.

So there you have it, the end of the Dickey Doo’s era…


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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

It’s officially fall, but that doesn’t mean the weather takes a complete turn this weekend. It’ll start off cold and a little wet, but we’ll climb nearly 30-degrees by the time we hit 90 on Monday. What that really means is you have plenty more opportunity for food and drink on your favorite patios and sidewalk seating.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– We’ve talked a lot about plans for residential and mixed-use development on Foster, but neglected to share that a multi-unit housing development has been approved at 8049 SE Center. As per Next Portland, the builder of a three-story, 12-unit apartment complex was issued a permit for construction. While it may catch some by surprise being in a residential area, it’s less than two blocks from 82nd Avenue and many amenities. More housing density along major corridors and shopping areas would seem to make sense.

– Burger Mondays at NWIPA returns next week!

– Thursdays in October just got a little more interesting thanks to Performance Works NW (at 4625 SE 67th Ave). Starting October 6, and continuing every Thursday for the rest of the month, there will be a weekly presentation of “bizarre magic and strange tales” from “three of the most peculiar manipulators of perception you will ever see.” The weekly performances, dubbed Ghastly Aberrations, is billed as an “evening of inexplicable oddities and strange occurrences.” Our hunch is that you should definitely check this out. Word of caution, though—this will not be suitable for children younger than 12. More info here.

– After limiting its service area no further than SE 60th several months ago, car2go has recently expanded their boundaries to SE 82nd. We’re now fully covered.

– The Willy Week came out to the neighborhood to check on the style and fashion of the people. Peep it

– The former Double Treble (and Gemini, and Lizards Lounge, and Renos, and….) space is still for lease. Someone make magic happen. Please!

– Weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Cory Quinn (6 pm) and Amber Harlan Trio 9 pm), Friday; Happy Hour Shenanigans w/Grits and Applesauce (6 pm) and Androck//DJ Big Weave//Tha Dno (9 pm), Saturday; The Quags (6 pm) and BLEND (9 pm), Sunday
NWIPA- Americana Night w/Resolectrics, American West and Out of Dodge (7 – 11 pm), Saturday

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Another “Developable” Lot on the Market

There has been no new construction on Foster, yet the number of properties being marketed for development continues to grow. Last week we highlighted several residential and mixed-use projects that are planned for Foster; this week we see another property come on to the market and dangled for developers.


6103 SE Cora– LoopNet

At 5,000 square-feet, it’s hard to imagine how “developable” it is, but the property at 6103 SE Cora is for sale and billed as “high-density developable” with potential for “multi-family and retail uses,” as per LoopNet.


Portland Maps

The LoopNet listing and KW Commercial flyers actually show two different, neighboring parcels for sale, so it’s unclear if one or both are on the market. PortlandMaps has two parcels listed under the same address, as well. One of the lots has a utility/electrical unit on it, and appears to be owned by Comcast; the other, to the east, is a residential building that has a for sale sign on it. Both lots are 5,000 square-feet, 10,000 combined.


6031 SE Foster and 6103 SE Cora

Interesting note, the corner of SE Cora and Foster is already home to an office building that was built just about 10 years ago, so that block has once already attracted some level of development. It’ll be interesting to see if the new lot(s) for sale will simply be infill housing or something with more density.

More to come…

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