The Bob, reborn?

Leave it to an old, rusty and defunct theater to make my heart flutter, cause confusion, and give me a terribly familiar headache.

Thanks to the Twitter-verse, we were alerted to the fact that the Bob White Theater is for lease. Cue shortness of breath. Then cue ensuing, “nah, we’ve been fooled one too many times.” We just couldn’t dismiss it, though. So we checked it out for ourselves.

IMG_7534Indeed, there is space (indoors and outdoors) for lease at “The Bob.”

That’s the good news.

The bad news: the space available for lease is not the theater. In other words, the theater is still being used for lord-knows-what. Probably car storage. Rather, the unused lobby is for lease, as is the alleyway space outside.

It’s not the grand return to glory that we envisioned for the theater. But it’s a start.

In case you’re looking for ideas, here’s what the Twitter-verse had to say on the matter:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 7.09.48 AM

At this point, anything works for us. Mostly. I’ll just add….we could really go for a place to get some ice cream right about now.

But what could the space actually accommodate? The lobby fronts Foster and would make neighbors out of Bar Carlo. That’s the selling point. So, too, is the cheap rent–we hear it’s going for $450/month. The drawback: you’re only getting 150-200 square feet of space.

The adjoining alley is where the potential magic is, though. Also going for a reasonable $450/month, it’s being marketed as a space for a food cart(s). Assuming a seating area, this could make good use of the space and make for a funky addition to the strip.

No theater. But for now, the Bob White story remains slightly alive.

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2 Responses to The Bob, reborn?

  1. Kaye says:

    Well…..that’s too bad. I’d LOVE to have a movie theater. Just a little theater….that we could walk to….that kids out of school for the summer could walk to…

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