72Foster Cometh

As follow-up to our post earlier this week, in which we mentioned the status of two mixed-use developments planned for the neighborhood, we thought we’d update the timeline for one of those two projects.

As per REACH Community Development, the developer behind the project at 72nd and Foster, permits have been submitted and are under review. Those permits are anticipated to be received by the City in June or July, with construction to begin in August.

The scope of the project remains relatively unchanged from earlier proposals: the four-story building will have 101 units of affordable housing; 8,300 square-feet of commercial space; 35 parking spots; a landscaped courtyard.

Here’s a project description from REACH:
     “Vibrant communities are at risk when high rents fracture community bonds. In an effort to keep diverse communities together, 72Foster is a new mixed-use housing community located in Southeast Portland.
     “The building will have 101 residential units and 8,300 SF of ground floor retail space. Designed as an intergenerational, mixed-use building, REACH will partner with Asian Health & Services Center (AHSC) to address the un-met housing needs of low-income households within the most concentrated Asian American population in Oregon. AHSC will also provide resident services for this property.”

And a few rendering from the architect, Holst Architecture:


72Foster, NE corner — Holst Architecture


72Foster, NW corner — Holst Architecture


72Foster, inner courtyard — Holst Architecture

It’s notable that the Foster corridor will be getting a much needed influx of housing. And, too, the addition of 101 affordable units will help stem some of the demographic shift the neighborhood is currently experiencing. To achieve this with good design and a mix of uses should be a benefit to the neighborhood and Foster corridor.

For those interested, there will be a final community meeting hosted by the developer and architect before project construction. We’ll share details when we get them.


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9 Responses to 72Foster Cometh

  1. Spiffy says:

    But how many secure bike parking spots will there be?

  2. Kaye says:

    35 parking spots for 101 units. Which means that the other vehicles are going to be parking in my neighborhood. Fabulous.

    • I understand and can sympathize with the concern, but it’s not sustainable to expect every development includes one-for-one parking. It’s very possible that not everyone who lives there will own a car. Also, the cost of development increases a lot as more parking is provided, which then discourages the construction of affordable housing.

      • Katie C says:

        We live right by where the YMCA development will be. I’m sure it will mean more people parking in front of my house. I think that’s worth it for more families to have access to affordable housing.

        • Agreed. For Potlrtland to grow sustainably and equitably, our collective mindsets will have to shift away from the preservation of “private” parking (among other things).

          Thanks for sharing.

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