News and happenings…

Let’s review some of the goings-on in the neighborhood after a week-long lull:

– We’ve got gyros, y’all! Ok, the neighborhood is not technically new to gyros—we have Gyro House on SE 82nd, and El Sultan food cart once made an attempt at blending their Mexican fare with the Mediterranean favorite. But a dedicated storefront to gyros, shawarma, kebob, falafel, and other middle eastern fare? Fuhgettaboutit! Welcome to the neighborhood, Ishtar Gate! The mostly-take-out restaurant now occupies the former Tacos Chavez space at 5222 SE Foster.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 7.43.55 PM.png– As we shared recently, Raven Ink Tattoo is no longer operating in the space next to Da Hui. And, in fact, the building, which also includes the tailor shop next door, is for sale. And while we’ve seen million-dollar properties hit the market recently on Foster, this space may be a little more affordable for those looking to set up shop in the neighborhood. According to the real estate listing, the property at 6514 SE Foster is on the market for $429,000. Less than half a million for prime space in the “Heart of Foster?” Not too shabby. The question is: who’s gonna get it first….

– In other real estate news, the proposal to redevelop the YMCA property at 6036 SE Foster has been approved (with conditions) by the city’s Bureau of Development Services. We’re not sure what the next steps are, but it would appear Foster is one step closer to seeing much needed housing built along the corridor. And for those that haven’t been following, here’s our most recent post on the project.


City of Portland Archives — Here’s what the once vacant lot used to look like at 72nd and Foster (from Firland Parkway–Maple Leaf would be to the right)

– And a little further east on Foster, another large-scale development is under permit review. The 72F project is inching closer to fruition, and the neighborhood will net 101 affordable housing units and 10,000 square-feet of retail space as a result. This should round out the transformation of SE 72nd and Foster, kissing goodbye to the last remnants of the former Metro Auto Wholesale operation and vacant lots that tarnished the history of this intersection. (For shits and giggles, here’s the lone Yelp review of Metro Auto Wholesale.)

– And finally, Second Saturday Foster Art Walk is this weekend. We’ll have a follow-up post on this later in the week, but you should probably just go ahead and include the art walk in your Saturday plans. If the weather’s good, even better. This is a fun way to stop in to some art galleries that open specifically for this event; support neighborhood businesses; and show some love for the Foster arts scene.


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5 Responses to News and happenings…

  1. K.C. Reuman says:

    Before Metro Auto Wholesale it was a US Bank… even worse than an auto lot!

  2. benmollica says:

    The family who ran Giants NY Pizza should open up shop at 6514!

    Fingers crossed whoever does buy the property doesn’t jack up the rent on my guy, Tai.


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