Another Foster commercial space goes on the market

Here it is, folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: an opportunity to spend $2.75 million on Foster-fronting commercial space. And by space, we mean 42,000 square-feet of it.

It’s not a blank slate. It’s not even historic or with some aesthetic appeal. Nor does it scream ‘potential.’ But if you like strip plazas, are keen on having 7-11 as a tenant/neighbor, and can stand to part with a few million bucks, we’ve got a property for you.


Google Maps — 6144 SE Foster

According to LoopNet, 6144 SE Foster is for sale. And with a whopping $2.75 million price tag, you should come with some grand ideas. Or at least ideas that don’t involve bulk food-buying, mattresses, or a bankrupt movie rental business (RIP Blockbuster). Yes, Winly’s Cash & Carry, Sleep World and Blockbuster Video, have all made a home in this space over the last several years. None, obviously, have stuck around.

Here’s where you and your $2.75 million can make a difference.

Want some ideas?

Places to eat are typically well received in this neighborhood. So are alternatives to convenience stores and Fred Meyer. Foster could use a community bank. A nursery would be nice, too, since 7 Dee’s is closing nearby. A compact, three-lane bowling alley and bar? I’d even be happy to see a resurrection of New Copper Penny, fully intact with disco dance floor. The options are endless, really; it’s just the price tag that may be a hurdle.


Renderings of a once-proposed renovation to 6144 SE Foster

We’re not sure what a potential sale means for the renovations that were planned for the  building, as we discussed in December. Nor do we know for certain if the whole building is for sale, or just the unoccupied portion (though, at 42,000 square-feet, we’ll presume it’s the entire building). It’s interesting to note, too, that the former Paldo Market space (according to Portland Maps) recently sold to a new owner. Combined, there’s a lot of Foster property exchanging hands. What becomes of them remains to be seen.

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3 Responses to Another Foster commercial space goes on the market

  1. Kaye says:

    Woot! Exciting!…….now, if we could just…actually…get…the….Foster Street Project…going…

  2. Emily pf says:

    They are doing a lot of work at old paldo. I walked past there last weekend, and the space was gutted to the bones. Hopeful that means the owners got what they needed permit wise to move forward with the brewery!

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