Throwback Thursday

Forgive of us for waxing nostalgic. But while we’re on the theme of change, we thought we’d share this picture of a picture of a picture we posted a couple years ago…along with, well, an updated version from the same location.

Here’s the original.*

Perspective is everything. Fast forward a couple years…


Sadly, the original photo is no longer on the pole, though remnants are.

Notice the transformation of the (barely shown) building on the right (which was once a used clothing store, now housing 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu), and, lastly, the three-story apartment building in the background.

* Unfortunately, we’re unable to give credit to the person responsible for the photo (once) on the pole.  We wish we could, though. 

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One Response to Throwback Thursday

  1. Scott says:

    You should have printed out the old picture, stapled it to the pole, then taken the new picture.


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