Day Theater, more commercial property for sale on Foster


5702 SE Center

Well, it’s not a large property. And it’s not technically on Foster. But a commercial building that sits along the corridor at 5702 SE Center is for sale. And we’ll venture a guess that the fate of the property is not as a car-wash (as was previously sort of the case.)

It is unclear what the commercial building that sits on the property was previously used for, and we’re not so certain cars were ever washed (as advertised) in the lot adjacent to the building. Perhaps it’ll always be a mystery, just as so many along Foster are.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.43.53 PM.png

The back side of 5702 SE Center as it runs along Foster

What’s also a mystery, though, is how the building jumped nearly 80% in value in less than a year. According to, 5702 SE Center is currently for sale to the tune of $349,000…which would be quite a jump from the October sales price of $195,000, as per

Yowza. With that being said, one of our readers pointed out that the back lot could serve as a pretty rad food cart pod. A little creativity could go a long way. I suppose we’d take anything, though.

But if speculative property isn’t your thing, we have another property for you just a block-and-a-half west: the Day Theater.


The Day Theater during February’s Second Saturday Foster Art Walk

Unfortunately, we don’t have a real estate listing. All we have is a sign. (But they don’t usually pop up by coincidence.) We imagine it would take a lot more than the $349,000 down the street, so we’ll advise that you check with your financial planner first. But if you’ve got the dough, make something happen.

Currently used as dance and fitness space, an art and framing gallery, and home to Portland Radio Project, the Day Theater is a perfect example of the arts and community-use coming together. Hopefully a potential sale does noting to stray from that, though we might add that there still may be additional unrealized potential in the building.


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