Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Friday posts seemed like a thing of the past, but we’ll try to pick up where we left off: a bit of neighborhood news, happenings, and upcoming events. Oh, and a bit of old school hip-hop.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Speaking of old school hip-hop, O’Malley’s will play rare host to throwback hip-hop and R&B jams this Saturday. Yes, it’s a bit of a departure from their usual rock, metal, and punk shows, but it should still be worth your while. (We like to think everyone loves 90’s-era hip-hop like we do.)

– We shared an update (non-update?) on the rumored restaurant and brewery-to-be in the former Paldo Market space earlier this week. Plans are still in the works, but not yet a done deal. We’ll assume there’s now a collective crossing of fingers.

– Second Saturday Foster Art Walk returns for the month of February. We’ll have more details next week, but look forward to showings at Po Boy Art Gallery and Framing (at the Day Theater), Backstory Books, Champagne Room Gallery (at Foster Row), and Latchkey Gallery. Saturday, February 11.

– Also for your radar next Saturday: Valentine’s Day Massacre! Another multi-venue live music showcase on Foster, courtesy of Volume Bomb Records, Starday Tavern and O’Malley’s. Several bands will be performing at both venues Saturday, February 11, starting at 8pm. Get on this, folks. The last time Volume Bomb, O’Malley’s and Starday teamed up, Foster was live and in effect.

– For the parents out there: you can now rejoice in the eventual return of teeter-totters at Kern Park. Expected return is March, but possibly as early as the end of this month.

– The Lunar New Year will be celebrated at the Holgate Library this Tuesday, February 7, from 6 – 7:30 pm. Enjoy cultural performances, food, and activities.

– Bar Maven features Chris Yu’s Korean Fried Chicken Wings every Wednesday. And for the month of February, Barley Brown’s Beer will be taking over the taps, with nine of their 16174646_10106241794191213_6893221978292067013_nbeers on extended run. Not that you needed an excuse to hit up Bar Maven. Just sayin…

– Folks, take care of each other; support your neighbors; make your neighborhood strong.

– Here’s your weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Friday: Buzz Holland Band Happy Hour w/Paula Sinclair (6pm) and Saucy Yoda/Caws & Effects/Josie & The Jazzhams/Dante Manalo (9pm). Saturday: La Rivera (6pm) and Sounds Visual (9pm). Sunday: Peter Knudsen Trio, 9pm
O’Malley’s- Missy & Luda: A Hip-Hop Party w/Duncan Gerow, Saturday at 9 pm
NWIPA- Melvin Brewing’s 2×4 Day, Saturday from 5 – 11. *We hear there will be kung-fu, hip-hop, and free swag.

Enjoy the weekend, y’all.

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4 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Kaye says:

    Foster Blogger, do you know what is happening in the strip mall behind the Dutch Brothers? There seem to be various folks working on the center space (between the Dollar Store and the old laundromat space) Any clues?

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