So about that restaurant and brewery…

Some of you may recall our post from a couple months ago in regards to the shuttering of Paldo Market. What probably most caught your attention, though, was the speculation that the space at 6112 SE Foster may someday become a restaurant and brewery.

It wasn’t pure speculation. After all, there was a request by an architect to change designated use for the building from office/market to restaurant/brewery. Those requests aren’t typically made arbitrarily. But what really turned the speculation into full-blown possibility was the inclusion of “Foster Brewery” in Steelhead Architecture’s list of planned commercial projects.


If Paldo Market is renovated into a restaurant and brewery, we’ll cross our fingers art will still adorn its exterior.

And while a lot of people were quickly drawn to excitement, it should also be pointed out that the loss of Paldo Market led to a bit of mourning, too. Our neighborhood is changing. And the loss of a Korean market, only to be replaced by a brewery, seems like the quintessential Portland story of the last five years. Some of us thought Foster might be immune; alas, we are not.

With all that being said, the thought of a restaurant AND brewery is quite exciting. And while we’ll miss Paldo, it is somewhat reassuring to know they are not being forced out by the presumptive brewery. They were long in decline and have already closed. RIP.

As for the restaurant and brewery-to-be, we may have to temper our excitement a bit. Plans are still in the works, yes. And the “Foster Brewery” was even listed in New School Beer’s list of The 15 Most Anticipated New Oregon Breweries of 2017. In that article, however, it was noted it’s not a done deal by (architect? and potential owner?) Gabe Headrick. Here’s the blurb from the article:
       “The longstanding Paldo’s Korean Market between Foster and Holgate at Southeast 61st is slated to be redeveloped as a restaurant and bar for a future brewery. Possible future owner Gabe Headrick cautions, “we’re in the beginning stages of figuring out what the city is going to require, so it may be a little premature.” In other words, let’s not consider this a done deal yet. We are crossing our fingers, though. 6112 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206.”

So consider this an update/non-update. The fact that the possibility of a brewery opening on Foster caught New School Beer’s attention is encouraging. We just may have to wait and see if it all comes to fruition, though.

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