News and happenings for the new year…

And we’re back.

After an ice storm, an entire holiday season, the turn of a new year, and a snow-induced city shutdown, we finally decided to pick up the old blogging pen. We hope you’ve all been well.

News has been mostly slow, and we’ve been mostly distant from local goings-on, but we thought we’d take a stab at some news and happenings.

img_6742Here goes it…

– As some of you may have noticed, Futpool Portland is now a thing. We discussed it a couple months ago when Eliseo, the owner of Nayar Taqueria, first started moving forward with his idea for a soccer-themed recreation space (and bar?). But in that time, abnormally cold weather prevented much of the renovations from happening—new flooring and its adhesive can’t be installed if temperatures are too low, windows don’t typically get replaced in inclement weather, and many services weren’t operating. With that being said, progress has been made. We’ll get you more details as they come.

– For those in party mode, Bar Carlo is your spot for Wednesday revelry. It’s hard to believe that Bar Carlo has been serving the neighborhood for 10 years, and that proprietress extraordinary, Mel, has been holding it down strong for a full decade. Celebrate their anniversary, as well as Mel’s birthday, this Wednesday with DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid, dancing, drinks, and snacks. Do it, gang…even if just to show some love for Mel and her crew. 7 p.m tomorrow, y’all!

Bread and Roses Market is still in the works. We don’t blame you for being somewhat skeptical after a late-summer expected opening turned into a mid-fall expected opening, and then the winter months crept in without a market. Fear not, though, as the owner has, IMG_6744.JPGindeed, been hard at work prepping the community market-to-be. As previously mentioned, plans originally called for market space for healthy grocery items; fresh-squeezed juices; a coffee and deli counter; a sitting area; places for children to hang while their parents shop; and additional space for some form of community use. We are unsure how those plans have evolved, but we have it on good word that the one-man army painting, installing equipment, and building the space out, is making progress. Look for an opening sometime in the spring.

– Speaking of spring, we hear the planned mixed-use development 5054 SE Foster is expected to happen this year…possibly as early as this spring. We don’t have any confirmation on this, but it’s also worth noting that the same owners of the former Busy Bee lot, according to PortlandMaps, own property across the street, too. And with several other developments planned for Foster, we halfway expect this to be one of the first dominoes to fall in a changing landscape for the corridor.

– The excited anticipation for Off The Griddle, which will open in the former Double Treble (and Gemini Lounge, and Lizards, and Reno’s) space, continues. But hopefully not for much longer. The owners are crossing their fingers for a February opening, but even if it’s March, the wait is almost over. And it should be well worth it.

– And finally, on the other side of the neighborhood, Coaster’s, the local-as-local-can-get bar next door to 7-Dee’s Garden Center on Powell will soon be no longer. It’s a sad day for those in favor of local dive bar’s seemingly from yesteryear. Others may not even notice. We will, though. In an odd twist, however, the former owners of Club 21 (on Sandy Blvd) have purchased the bar and, according to the Willy Week, will be transferring Club 21’s decor to the Coaster’s space and re-naming it “Lay Low Tavern.”

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4 Responses to News and happenings for the new year…

  1. Greg says:

    Welcome back!

    Any news on the progress of the streetscape plan?

  2. Jess says:

    Nice to have you back!

  3. Spiffy says:

    talked to Eliseo over a drink at Nayar a while back and he showed me some video of his family playing in the new Futpool space, which got me very excited… trying to give him ideas on what to fill the space with to keep people in there and spending money… he wants to stock coolers with bottles much like NWIPA in order to avoid being called a bar and having to serve food, but I advised he might want to bring in some of those food vending machines to feed the hungry Futpool playing masses, along with some pinball (he already plans on foosball tables) to amuse people waiting for a Futpool table…

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