Happy Weekend, Foster People!

It’s rare that the city gets two doses of winter-shut-down in a season. But here we are, a week later, and our second round of school/office closures and traffic-issues-galore has given many an extra long weekend. Or, if not, a lot of headache. We hope you’ve all found a way to enjoy the snow somehow.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– For a long time, it was hard to imagine just exactly what Foster’s growth trajectory was. Was it doomed to a fate of awkward, angular thoroughfare that was just close-in enough to be attractive but far enough out to be forgotten? Were we headed toward some massive renewal with fancy streetscape and business and buildings, only to transform in a way that many would not be comfortable with? Somewhere in between, where we retain our character but get some added amenities and spiffy additions that allow us to walk or bike to all that we need without really ever having to leave? It’s still unknown, but the changes-to-come are starting to take shape. We’ve posted a lot on planned developments and  potential new businesses recently. Here’s a recap of potential projects/additions in the pipeline: restaurant (Off The Griddle); market (Bread and Roses); indoor soccer bar (Futpool Portland); brewery (in former Paldo Market); remodel of 7-11 and former Winly building; mixed-use commercial/affordable housing project across from Portland Mercado; rebuild of YMCA with 54 units of housing in 4-story building; mixed-used development of former Busy Bee lot. Wow.

– With Christmas coming, some of you may feel the urge to shop. Might we suggest keeping your money in the neighborhood? Here’s a primer of all the things you can buy as gifts along the corridor: records, records, records; art, art, art; board games; role playing games; pot; craft beers; kids’ toys and games; bikes; gift certificates to several restaurants/bars/cafes; retro furniture, decor, and personal items; a variety of gifts from Latin America; locally made craftwork; used books and yarn; guitars and assorted musical equipment; art supplies. There’s something for everyone…and way more than we’ve listed. (And if your loved one is in to auto tune-ups, muffler repairs or granite countertops, Foster’s got you there too.)

– And while we’re plugging our local businesses, know that several are waiting to warm you up with a coffee, drink, or meal this iced-over weekend. Hit ’em up and get cozy.

– The Portland Mercado is hosting a weekend-long holiday party, with an array of food, music, craft-making, gift-buying, and lots of merriment. Check them out anytime Saturday and/or Sunday after 9 a.m.

–  We’re short on news this week, so let’s get into your weekend entertainment (weather permitting, of course, so double check with the venue):
SMART Collective- Dead Coyote//Sounding by Fathom//The Centaurs, Friday from 7-11 pm
Starday Tavern- Buzz Holland Band Happy Hour w/Paula Sinclair (6 pm) and “Tony Boardwalk is Turning 40” Birthday Gig (8 pm), Friday; La Rivera (6 pm) and Sixth Annual Holiday Spectacular (9 pm), Saturday; A Festive Evening w/J.C. Ruminski and Friends, Sunday at 9 pm
Portland Mercado- Fiesta Navideña, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until after 5 pm
Hallowed Halls- Musician’s Day Off Holiday Party, Saturday from 4-8 pm
Performance Works NW- Complicated Women, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm; GIFTS, Sunday at 7 pm

Enjoy the weekend, y’all. Stay warm.

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