Foster commercial building to get snazzy new upgrade

Foster’s on a roll these days.

In successive weeks, we’ve posted on the following:
– Updated plans to develop the vacant lot at 5045 SE Foster into a four-story, mixed-use building with ground-floor commercial space and 33 units of housing
– Plans to renovate Paldo Market and convert the use from market/office into restaurant and brewery
– Conditional use review for updated plans to rebuild the YMCA building at 6036 SE Foster and add 54 units of housing in a three and four-story mixed-use structure

The transformation doesn’t stop there. According to an Early Assistance Intake with the city’s Bureau of Development Services, the 7-11 (and former Winly’s Cash & Carry) space is about to be remodeled. And after digging a little, that remodel may result in something resembling the rendering below:


Woodblock Architecture — Foster Retail envisioning

Sure, it’s still a strip mall. It’s still 7-11 and company. And, sure, it could be any mini commercial plaza you’d find in Tuscon or Medford or Beaverton. But at least it won’t be this anymore:


Google Image for 6144 SE Foster

And with a spruced up space, perhaps the former Blockbuster Video will find more stable tenants after seeing a failed attempt by a mattress store, then Winly Cash and Carry after that. And by the looks of the rendering, perhaps there will be multiple tenant spaces, which could enliven that mini strip mall a bit.


Early Assistance Intake–Portland Bureau of Development Services

Woodblock Architecture, the architects behind the renovations, have a lengthy history of commercial redevelopment. It is unknown if they’ll qualify for or utilize the PDC’s assistance for storefront improvements.

Woodblock will combine (presumably) with Steelhead Architecture and Leeb Architects to transform the block-long stretch that will include the aforementioned 7-11 building, as well as the Paldo and YMCA spaces respectively. (The auto shop at 6050 SE Foster—once a target of Red Castle Games—was recently on the market, too. It is unknown whether they ultimately found a buyer and, if so, what plans are for the space.)

Change is a’coming, folks.

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3 Responses to Foster commercial building to get snazzy new upgrade

  1. Bunny says:

    I hate to be a naysayer, or boo development, but we can do better than this, this lot deserves more than a new façade, which seems to be what’s proposed here.

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