Construction starts on new apartments off Foster


SE 58th and Foster: three-stories and thirty apartments will soon rise in the background

The first domino has fallen, and construction has started on one of multiple proposed apartment buildings on (or, in this case, just off of) Foster. As per PortlandMaps, a total of 30 apartments will soon rise in a three-story building at 5811 SE Boise, which was most recently a vacant lot just behind 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu at SE 58th and Foster.

With plans for a mixed-use development across the street from Portland Mercado (up to 100 units), as well as the eventual rebuild of the Y-Arts Center with 54 units atop it at 6036 SE Foster, our scrappy thoroughfare may be inching closer to a building boom of sorts. These three projects are in addition to a proposed mixed-use project on the former Busy Bee lot at 5045 SE Foster. As we pointed out before, if all the development proposals on Foster get built, we stand to net at least 200 housing units to the mostly residential-less stretch of road from SE 50th to 72nd. That should add a new dynamic to Foster and take advantage of the soon-to-be-more pedestrian and bike-friendly corridor.


Bureau of Development Services – 5811 SE Boise apartments

In regards to the 5811 SE Boise apartments, the site sits just across the street Mt. Scott Funeral Home and is sandwiched by Artistic Taxidermy Studio and FoPo Tavern a block on either side. Plans call for 10 units on each floor, with a mix of studios and 1-bedrooms. The studios appear to be in the 400 square-foot range; 1-bedrooms in the 500-600 square-foot range. By adding 30 units of rental housing in the neighborhood, it should add a nice supply to those seeking alternatives to the rising cost of purchasing a home in the neighborhood.

And apparently more are to come. The 72nd and Foster project is moving forward, and the developers and architect plan to hold another community meeting November 9. (More info on that meeting later.)

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4 Responses to Construction starts on new apartments off Foster

  1. Nancy Chapin says:

    Thanks for keeping me up on the Foster news. I miss being there, but the home office beckoned.

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