Foster Commercial Spaces for Sale

Get your Foster real estate while it’s hot. Or lose your chance altogether once the Streetscape Plan starts taking shape in a year (or two, or who knows how long).


5338 SE Foster — LoopNet

Two buildings on Foster are for sale, one of which is back on the market with a 50% markup after being sold just four months ago. According to LoopNet, the former Decorette Shop building at 5338 SE Foster is again being sold. With an asking price of $725,000, that would be 50% more than than what the building sold for in June ($500k), as per PortlandMaps.

Who ever knew Foster would fetch that kind of return for commercial property? Smarter people than us, apparently.

If you can’t pull together a cool three-quarters-of-a-million, rest assured, the property can also be yours by lease, too. Here’s more info.

Further east, just past Buck’s Stove Palace, sits another building for sale. While we’ve yet to find an online listing for the property at 6819 SE Foster, we can’t deny the fact that a “for IMG_5771.JPGsale” sign does indeed sit in front of the somewhat inconspicuous building that (according to a quick Google search) may or may not be the home of Antonov Insurance. For those wondering if the value is in the land or building, it should be noted that the property behind the building (at 6802 SE Long) is a vacant lot and listed on PortlandMaps with the same (partial) owner. With the “Heart of Foster” just a couple blocks west, and the trio of I Heart Retro, SMART Collective, and a new taproom-to-be just a block east, this could be a prime location for a new business or development.

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8 Responses to Foster Commercial Spaces for Sale

  1. Alex says:

    That’s cray about the Decorette shop. I talked to them a few months ago after it sold. They said a lady had purchased it and would be kicking them out to break up the space and rent it to several business (along with her own wholesale soup biz). I guess she was pretty adamant about not renting to the Decorette shop because they wanted a good amount of space, sad since they had been there 42 years. Hoping for anything other than an “exotic” business – If that happens, does anyone here know if there any sort of public approval process? or way to protest it? Didn’t see one when Seductions opened, or Catalyst. Hoping for a cafe or something of that nature.

    • I wish I knew about the process for approval. With Foster being part of a URA, you’d think the PDC might get involved to ensure neighborhood-improving businesses are more likely to enter the market…alas, there’s probably no legal way to do that, though. Formal neighborhood complaints probably carry some weight, though.

  2. Adam Herstein says:

    What is this “new taproom-to-be” you mentioned?

    • The Office Taproom. Liquor license was pulled a long time ago, and renovations to the space have been ongoing for a while, so we’re not sure what the status is.

  3. 62ndgarden says:

    Anybody want to buy that little “between-the Buck’s” place for me so that I can start a rad little drop in art center? Just curious.

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  6. brandysm says:

    Great article, I think it can be very useful for an interested person.


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