Another “Developable” Lot on the Market

There has been no new construction on Foster, yet the number of properties being marketed for development continues to grow. Last week we highlighted several residential and mixed-use projects that are planned for Foster; this week we see another property come on to the market and dangled for developers.


6103 SE Cora– LoopNet

At 5,000 square-feet, it’s hard to imagine how “developable” it is, but the property at 6103 SE Cora is for sale and billed as “high-density developable” with potential for “multi-family and retail uses,” as per LoopNet.


Portland Maps

The LoopNet listing and KW Commercial flyers actually show two different, neighboring parcels for sale, so it’s unclear if one or both are on the market. PortlandMaps has two parcels listed under the same address, as well. One of the lots has a utility/electrical unit on it, and appears to be owned by Comcast; the other, to the east, is a residential building that has a for sale sign on it. Both lots are 5,000 square-feet, 10,000 combined.


6031 SE Foster and 6103 SE Cora

Interesting note, the corner of SE Cora and Foster is already home to an office building that was built just about 10 years ago, so that block has once already attracted some level of development. It’ll be interesting to see if the new lot(s) for sale will simply be infill housing or something with more density.

More to come…

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