Bar Carlo Shines, Bob White Fades Into the Night

We’ll just start off with this juxtaposition: two new paint jobs and a night-and-day difference in energy.

As many of you already know, Bar Carlo has gone from rad brunch spot, restaurant and bar to rad brunch spot, restaurant, bar AND record store. Peep game if you haven’t already:

But Bar Carlo didn’t just stop at the addition of records (and dj booth and display racks and listening station), they’ve redone their dining space, swapped in new tables, and added a snazzy paint job to mark their radness.

Meanwhile, next door, and to the point of this posting, we see a much different take on  making ones mark with paint. The former Bob White Theater has not only lost its marquee in the last couple months, but it’s now been painted over along with the rest of the building. The sheer, all-black coat of paint could be the sign of renovations to come—who knows. We won’t proclaim to know the future of the space. (And we’ll definitely be optimistically open minded.) But in the meantime, we know this: the theater was bought and sold, went from theater and performance space to car storage facility, and now the building is semi-unrecognizable. It’s like a once-theater wrapped in a Batman suit.

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2 Responses to Bar Carlo Shines, Bob White Fades Into the Night

  1. Rebecca says:

    I think the black looks better than it has in the past couple months. I was worried they were going to take the whole marquee down, and then it would REALLY be gone forever. The best we can hope for now is a business to someday take over the building and use the marquee in their signage, a la Columbia Sportswear Outlet store in Sellwood.

    • Indeed, there is hope. And if I convince myself it’s a sexy, sheer paint job, I suppose I’m not opposed to the makeover…so long as there’s more to come.

      I like your Columbia Sportswear comparison. You may be on to something.

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