Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Welcome to autumn! Not really, but kinda. It sure feels like we’re getting a head start on cooler and wetter weather, just as we did on warmer and drier weather earlier this spring. As the climate changes around us, find comfort in the constant that is Foster–the bars are constant, the funky shops are constant, the grime and ever-hopeful energy is constant too. We say this: enjoy the Foster we all know now while you can–something tells us that next year will bring many changes to the strip.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Speaking of change, we’ll venture a guess that the Foster Transportation and Streetscape Project will not see a start to construction at the beginning of 2017 as expected. It could…and we hope it does. But at a recent PBOT-hosted bike ride through the neighborhood, one of the guides said that design/engineering was only at 60%, which means there’s still a ways to go before projects can even be put out to bid. (The PBOT update in March stated they were finalizing design/engineering then, which may suggest things haven’t progressed much in the last several months.) Perhaps someone with more knowledge of these matters can chime in, though. We’d love to be wrong, especially with the sudden increase in injury and fatality on our city streets. The good news: it’s now called a project, not a plan.

– On a positive note, we may see Bread and Roses Market open before the end of the year. The market-to-be will be occupying the former Softipper Dart space next door to NWIPA. Their presence should add some convenience for neighbors who would prefer to walk somewhere locally for fresh food and grocery items, plus add some vibrancy and pedestrian energy to that stretch of Foster.

– In other news, the car dealership at 7337 SE Foster, across the street from A-Boy Plumbing and their own lot full of cars, appears to be slated for construction of a new dental building. There is no timeline for this project.

– And finally, one more piece of local business news: the search for a permanent home for Red Castle continues. They have no plans of leaving their current location anytime soon, but they do hope to buy their own space when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, their attempt to buy the former auto shop and surrounding property at 6050 SE Foster fell through. As we mentioned last month, a deal was in the works for Red Castle to purchase the property pending no major environmental issues. It appears as if the cost of cleanup would be too great, and thus the search continues. We imagine the property will be back on the market soon enough. In the meantime, Red Castle will operate as normal in their current location.

– Don’t forget, for those looking for a family-friendly happy hour, Pieper Cafe knocks $1.00 off beer, wine, and some of their food items between 4 and 6 p.m. Fridays.

– Lastly, next Saturday will be September’s installment of Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk. We’ll have more info for you early next week, but you should start by putting it on your calendar. It will also mark NWIPA’s Fourth Anniversary, so prepare to celebrate with them too.

– Here’s your weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Buzz Holland Band (6 pm) and Starday Sessions with Audioelectronic//Mark Pharaoh//Simon Howlett (9 pm), Frday; Livy Conner (6 pm) and Penalty Kick (9 pm), Saturday
Darling Press- First Friday and One Year Anniversary Retrospective Art Show, 7-10 p.m.

Let us know what else is going on. Have a safe weekend, all.

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4 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Hi! Marina, FABA staff member here. Rich from PBOT will be at the Foster Area Business Association meeting on 9/13/16 at 6pm at the Carts on Foster if you guys have any specific questions about Streetscape and where we are in the project process.

  2. Rich Newlands says:

    Rich Newlands here, PBOT project manager for the Foster Streetscape Project. While the project is indeed just about at 60% design, we still anticipate construction in Spring of 2017. A new twist is a paving project for Foster east of 82nd Ave, funded by the recently passed street fee, which we’ve been working on coordination with. It may push our schedule a bit, but still construction next year.


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