Bread and Roses Market Marches Forward, Eyeing October Opening

* Updated 8/30/16: When we posted the original article (copied below with updates), Bread and Roses Market was aiming for a July opening. July has come and gone, but rest assured the proprietor of the market-to-be continues to work hard for a fall opening. We spoke to the owner yesterday, and he’s currently finishing the floors—remember, the space is being entirely redone from the Softipper Darts days. New opening date is expected sometime in October, perhaps a tad later. We have to think the wait will be well worth it.

Imagine approaching an historic, corner brick building in the “Heart of Foster.” As you enter, a flower arrangement greets you in the window; you can buy any of them from an assorted bouquet inside. The flowers are on your left.

To your right are a few tables and chairs by the window; there are more outside on the sunny days. You can use those seats to sip on coffee or fresh, squeezed-in-house juices.

If you have kids, let them beat on a drum set or piano while you shop for organic produce, milk, eggs, bread (maybe made fresh someday), toiletries, or listen to a band practicing in the back of  the building.


The corner of SE 64th and Foster, where Softipper Darts once did business, is slated to open as Bread & Roses Market by the end of July.

This is Bread and Roses Market, your soon-to-be community space for groceries and getting to know your neighbors.

We were recently able to catch up with the owner of Bread and Roses, Sam, and he gave us a tour of the space, as well as a rundown of his vision for the market. See, to Sam, the vision is just as important as the market itself, as he sees the viability of the space being dependent on you, the community. He wants kids to bang on drums while their parents shop, and if it gets too loud he expects any annoyed shopper to respectfully redirect the kids; he sees shelves not exceeding shoulder-height, as he wants people to make eye contact as they shop; he sees customer requests for items he does not carry; he sees healthy and organic options; he sees freshly-made food that cuts out the processing; he sees a place where you might have to weather cold temperatures in the winter, or hot in the summer, so as to keep (HVAC) expenses low and costs down for you. He sees pretentious people who are turned off by the above staying away, and that’s ok.

Welcome to Bread and Roses Market.

With an expected opening in late July October, Sam hopes to grow the market incrementally and organically. First to come will be the flowers, coffee, and fresh-squeezed orange juice (they’ll also have a sugar cane juicer on hand). There will be a small supply of basic (non-perishable) goods on the shelves, and as business grows so, too, will the number of coolers and ability to stock fresh and organic produce; and eggs; and milk; and, if reasonable, what seems to be in demand by the community.

Currently, the space is a blank canvass for Sam to realize his vision. Windows are still covered up, much of the work inside is being done himself. (When we were there, he was putting together a dishwasher that was just delivered.) The space is quite large, floors marked with tape to indicate where the check-out counter will be, as well as the coffee and juice bar and cooler for fresh-cut flowers. In the back, just when you finally process how large the space is, a hidden corner provides a couple hundred square feet (if not more) where bands will ocassionally be able to set up for practice and/or entertainment for shoppers.

But this is only the beginning of the vision. The rest depends on you, and you’ll get your chance midway through the summer.

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One Response to Bread and Roses Market Marches Forward, Eyeing October Opening

  1. Adam Herstein says:

    This is a really cool old building. Glad it’s being used for something benefitting the neighborhood!


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