Natural Grocers Eyeing Powell Location?

First off, let us say that this is definitely not Foster-Powell news. We just wanted to draw you in with the misleading title.

Powell, yes. FoPo, no.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.51.25 AM

Screenshot of Natural Grocers’ website


If you’ve become accustomed to shopping on the neighborhood’s fringes—Fred Meyer, for example—or even outside, even if nearby the neighborhood—Safeway on 39th and Powell, or Trader Joes at 39th and Holgate, perhaps—this is fairly relevant.

Ok, I’ll go back to the heading. This is probably definitely not newsworthy. (It’s Monday, after all, and I’m still recovering from the music fest on Foster this last Saturday night.)

However (yes, a second ‘however’)…

Some of you like healthy grocers. We do, especially all the free samples they give. We’re not sure if Natural Grocers does free samples. In fact, we actually know next to nothing about Natural Grocers. But it certainly sounds like the type of store healthy people would shop at. And that alone probably makes it better than Fred Meyer. (Unless you’re like us and can’t really afford to stray much from the evil Kroger outpost.) And until Bread & Roses Market opens its Foster store with fresh produce and healthy grocery items, we’ll just assume this is somewhat newsworthy.

Correct us if we’re wrong. Promise, we’ll try harder next Monday when we’re low on content to post….

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6 Responses to Natural Grocers Eyeing Powell Location?

  1. Spiffy says:

    the listing says 39th/Powell but the page says 38th/Powell…

    there’s nothing at 38th so I’m thinking it’s going to be in one of the strip mall spots on the SW corner of 39th/Powell…

    those spaces aren’t huge, but I’m not sure if this is more of a Green Zebra style store or more like New Seasons…

  2. Caitlin says:

    They’re doing a major remodel of the retail buildings at the NE corner of 39th and Powell including sprucing up the exterior (see permits on PortlandMaps). I snooped it a while back after I saw the construction going on. They’re still looking for other tenants. Here is a bunch more info:

  3. hamellr says:

    Natural Grocers is actually a fairly large chain. Their largest store size is about the size of the Woodstock New Seasons. Our closest one is currently the one in the old Goodwill building on SE 82nd and Causey next to Winco.

    They usually have a huge vitamin/health section that takes up about half of the store. The other half is a typical grocery store on par with New Seasons for quality and brands. Their prices are about in line with New Seasons, and are sometimes lower. They don’t do the local food thing as well though. On the other hand, they do have items that New Seasons and Whole Food do not carry. They also do cooking and nutrition classes.

  4. Sarah says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t probably bother going there for produce, but they definitely have a great healthy selection of everything else. We make special treks out to the one in Clackamas to stock up on vegan marshmallows (very important when you have a 6 year old, and New Seasons is often out). I think they’ll be a great addition to the area!

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