Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Well, this might be the weekend of summer weekends. There’s a lot–A LOT–happening in the neighborhood, and it’ll be hot and sunny unlike any stretch we’ve seen this summer. Enjoy it folks. Check out the news and tidbits below…

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– In case anybody’s in to burgers and fanatically eats them in abundance during yearly Portland Burger Week, Foster Burger is again a participant. You have through this weekend to get in on it.

– Speaking of Burgers, quick shout-out to Angry Unicorn. These dudes not only slang amazing burgers at Carts on Foster, but they’ve also set up shop recently at Foster Buds and Starday Tavern. Combined with the occasional food cart parked in front of NWIPA, I’d have to say this is a trend worth supporting and hoping for more of. The night/bar/street scene in the “Heart of Foster” can absolutely support it food carts, and it only adds more vibrancy.

– So about this weekend. There are multiple events, many of which overlap on Saturday to make for an epic lineup of music and art on Foster. First, tonight’s action: Bar Carlo will be celebrating the opening of their adjoining record shop, Foster Sound. Their will be DJs in the house making use of all the new (used?) records and playing some good music for you all from 6 – 10 pm.

– Tomorrow brings us music and art gallore. The music will come (mostly) courtesy of Volume Bomb Records’ event, This is Portland Not Portlandia. That event will bring 29 bands to Da Hui, Double Treble, Starday Tavern and O’Malley’s. SMART Collective will be hosting an all-ages musical lineup, too, and Green Noise Records will have a band playing in-shop as part of their participation in Second Saturday Foster Art Walk. That brings the total number of bands performing on Foster tomorrow to well over 30. Wow, just wow!

– But the art, too! In addition to the live music on Foster tomorrow evening, the following galleries/shops are hosting August’s installment of Second Saturday Foster Art Walk: Flat Blak, Latchkey, Green Noise Records, Backstory Books, Po Boy Art and Outlier Gallery. In addition, Bar Carlo is showing the art work of Jadene Mayla, whose acrylic paintings will be on display. This showing should bridge the geographic gap between the galleries on the western stretch of Foster to BenWill Gallery on SE 67th (just north of Foster). BenWill is having a preview show for all the local artists participating in PDX Open Studios. And for shits and giggles, it’s worth noting that Richard Melloy’s art work is still on display at NWIPA. By our count, that’s nine galleries/shops for you to stop in at.

– The former Busy Bee lot at (roughly) SE 51st and Foster, just next to Speedboat Coffee, now has a fence lining its perimeter. As far as we know, this has nothing to do with the planned development of a four-story mixed-use building on the site. Rather, enough complaints about a homeless camp on the gravelly lot finally forced the City and property owner to address neighbors’ concerns. The result: dumpsters and fencing showed up a couple days ago and the campers got the boot. We’d have to say this is a microcosm of what’s going on all across the city.

– Hammer and Jacks is now open. The kids toy store and play space rounds out the commercial plaza that also includes Henry Higgins Bagels, Rose and Dagger Tattoo, and Red Castle Games. With a coffee shop (Pieper), new record store (Foster Sound), multiple bars and places to eat (NWIPA, Da Hui, O’Malley’s, Bar Carlo, Starday, Bar Maven), a yoga studio and soon-to-be community market, we’d say that the “Heart of Foster” is looking pretty healthy these days. And lets not forget that it’s book-ended with I Heart Retro, SMART Collective, a family-friendly taproom in the works and the Portland Mercado on the east, and more restaurants (Nayar, Torta, Tambayan), bars (FoPo Tavern) and retail (Green Noise, Velvet Goldmine, Backstory, art galleries and pot dispensaries) to the west, Foster’s looking pretty good these days. (And that’s just a small sampling–we didn’t even touch the cluster of rad businesses further west and east.)

Have a good weekend, y’all. Try to stay cool.

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3 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. melwheeler2013 says:

    Foster-Powell has it all. Nayar, the best burritos, Pieper the best coffee,Henry Huggins the best bagels and the best burgers and art at the Slingshot. Everything is within a couple blocks and more coming. Great neighborhood.

  2. randomismymiddlename says:

    Hey, anyone know what’s up with Recovering the Northwest space?

    • We wish we did. We do believe there’s some element of upholstery happening in there. But we also believe there’s more (and probably a lot less) going on than we’re aware of. Seems like another under-used building on Foster…

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