Let us Help you Plan Your Saturday

There is no more “Fun on Foster,” the once yearly street fair that brought vendors to Laurelwood Park and celebrated our local business district. It’s ok, though, we can leave that to the Belmonts and Divisions and Mississippis.


SMART Collective all-ages music venue

Foster is unlike any other business district in Portland. And as such, we don’t need to replicate what’s already being done elsewhere…and probably better than we could anyway.

That doesn’t mean we don’t get down, though. Indeed, we do. And we don’t just do it once a year. This is Foster, after all, and we’ve seen impromptu drumming performances take over the street; SantaCon turn Foster into its sinful North Pole; holiday tree-lightings that follow a rolling, artificial tree named Twiggy up and down the strip; meager art walks and rad art walks; pot-themed farmer’s markets; pub crawls.

And in the spirit of keeping Foster as Foster as it can be, with its grime and edge to balance the up-and-coming trajectory that we know to be true, a few bands will be celebrating the anti-Portlandia vibe that still tends to resonate in the neighborhood.

Actually, 29 bands. And when all’s said and done, there will probably be more.

That’s right, at least 29 bands will be performing on Foster this Saturday.

IMG_4677Welcome to “This is Portland Not Portlandia,” Foster’s first-of-its-kind music festival that celebrates a character that is unchanged by the growing fantasy-land that surrounds us. As one of the organizers, Saint Frank’s music states on Facebook about the event:
       “…This is a festival for the side of Portland that thrives in the darkness and laughs at life’s challenges. They will not be paved over with sunny urban lofts and plastered with cute little bird stickers! They shall remain and continue to rock!”

That’s all we needed to hear. But if you want to hear more, this is what we know:

29 bands will make up a musical lineup that will bring live music to O’Malley’s, Da Hui, Starday Tavern and Double Treble. That’s the official billing. Unofficially, SMART Collective will get in on the action, too, with their own assortment of bands rockin’ an all-ages compliment. Bands will perform through the night at the above venues starting at 5:30 this Saturday, August 13. Volume Bomb Records appears to be the official organizer, though Saint Franks music, too, seems to be playing a big role in bringing the bands to Foster. $5.00 wrist bands will get you access to all of the venues. Here’s the official event listing on Facebook.

So that’s the big event. But there’s more.


Po Boy Art Framing and Gallery will be participating in Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk

While we’re planning your Saturday evening, let’s not forget that August 13 also happens to be the second Saturday of the month, which brings us the latest installment of Foster’s monthly art walk. Second Saturday Foster Art Walk is decidedly more family friendly than the music fest, so if you have kids, you don’t have an excuse to not come out Saturday.

Check out the following:

– Flat Blak Gallery, as they host a pre-release party for a new Penny Edition;
– Po Boy Art Framing & Gallery, with featured art from Dan Stiles, as well as the work of other artists, DJ Joel Barber, and a live performance by Foster Kids;
– Latchkey Gallery with, among others, the work of LeRoy Gertz;
PDXOS– Green Noise Records, where Gleam Garden (from Japan) will perform live, and the work of Portland zine artist, Keith Henderson, will be on display;
– BenWill Gallery will be hosting a Portland Open Studios Preview Show, which will showcase local artists Cedar Lee, Nicole Bereczki, Shawn Demarest, Kelli MacConnell, Alison O’Donoghue, Ben Will, Jill Torberson, Vicki Wilson, and John Shlichta;
– We might as well mention that the work of local artist, Richard Melloy, is prominently on display and worth your perusing at NWIPA.

So that’s your Saturday evening in a long-winded blog post. There’s action from SE 56th to 67th. In a nutshell: live music at SMART Collective, O’Malley’s, Da Hui, Starday Tavern, Double Treble, as well as at Green Noise Records and Po Boy Art (in conjunction with Second Saturday Art Walk); art featured at Flat Blak Gallery, Latchkey Galleries, Green Noise Records, Po Boy Art, NWIPA, and BenWill Gallery.

Clear your schedule, get a babysitter, do what you need to do.

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5 Responses to Let us Help you Plan Your Saturday

  1. Jon says:

    This is great. “Clear your schedule, get a babysitter, do what you need to do.”

  2. Twiggy rides again in just 3 short months!!

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