Happy Weekend, Foster People!

The weekend is upon us, and it looks like we’ll get a bit of a respite from the blazing sun. It’s still going to be warm and sunny, though, so hopefully you all find a way to get out and enjoy the neighborhood.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– As we mentioned before, Hammer and Jacks is set to open next week. August 10 is the targeted opening date, with the grand opening celebration set for August 27. If you’re a breeder with kids, you should probably make it out for both of those dates.

– We have art coming. So here’s the deal: Richard Melloy currently has his work on display at NWIPA; Darling Press is hosting an art opening tonight at Foster Row; BenWill Gallery is hosting the PDX Rube Goldberg Project at his studio tomorrow; Second Saturday Foster Art Walk is next weekend. Foster arts, y’all. Who’d a thunk?

– This week we posted about the possible relocation of Red Castle Games. First, we’ll just say a move is not imminent. Secondly, any possible move in the near future would be contingent on them closing a deal to purchase property for a new location. They’re currently working on the latter, with an environmental review underway as part of the process to acquire property at 6050 SE Foster. There’s a long way to go before this could become reality, but we’ll cross our fingers in the meantime. Meanwhile, they are still operating and will continue to do so in their regular location in Foster Plaza.

– Did we mention the art walk next Saturday? Oh, yeah, we did, but we didn’t mention that BenWill Gallery will also be participating in the event, which makes at least four galleries—Latchkey, Flat Blak, and Po Boy Art being the others—that will be open for the event. If Outlier Gallery brings its mobile gallery to Foster, that will make five in addition to the other businesses that participate, namely Green Noise Records and Backstory Books.

– But there’s more. In addition to next Saturday’s art walk, Foster will also be the scene of a multi-venue music festival, with over 24 bands performing at O’Malley’s, Starday Tavern, Double Treble and Da Hui; SMART Collective will have an all-ages event, too. We’ll provide more information on this at the beginning of next week.

– It’s been a while since we’ve provided updates on the Foster-Powell Community Garden. Folks, they’ve been fully operational for a year now. Crazy! The great folks behind the garden have done wonders with the formerly vacant lot, as well as the neighborhood overall. Not only should you check it out, but you should show some love back by helping at their August 20th work party. You can read more about it and the garden here.

– If you’re at all curious about the proposed mixed-use, affordable housing development at SE 72nd and Foster, you can access the minutes from a recent community meeting about the project: here.

– One last thing to put on your radar: the record store at Bar Carlo is opening soon. There will be a party to celebrate, but you’ll have to wait on details. Just assume it’ll be sometime toward the end of next week.

– Here’s your weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Buzz Holland Band (6pm) and Hey Lover // White Glove // Manglor Mountain (9pm), Friday night; Livy Conner (6pm) and One Year Anniversary Extravaganza (9pm), Saturday night; Digisaurus, 7 pm, Sunday
Darling Press Studio- First Friday at Darling Press (wine, art, live music), tonight at 7 pm
BenWill Gallery- PDX Rube Goldberg Project, Saturday at 1 pm
Da Hui- Karaoke, Thursday nights. Just sayin…you guys are sleepin’ on Da Hui if you’re not frequenting it already
O’Malley’s- Trivia every Thursday night

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