National Night Out is Tonight. Here are Five Reasons you Should be at Kern Park

Foster-Powell is many things. Boring isn’t one of them.

As such, the neighborhood’s sole, yearly party in Kern City Park is worth your attendance.

Here are five reasons why you should make it out tonight:

IMG_09901. It’s your neighborhood. Yours and your neighbors, for better or worse. This is about you and those that live around you, and taking ownership of where you live.

2. It’s fun. Sure, it may be a little vanilla. And it definitely leans toward family-friendly. But that’s ok. There’s enough grit and grime in the neighborhood for the other 364 nights a year. Come out and enjoy live, family-friendly music. Spread out on the grass. Watch kids run rampantly through the park, laughing and having fun all along. Eat, have a picnic, bring a beer. Have fun.

3. Meet your neighbors. In an urban environment, meeting your neighbors is not always an easy thing. But it makes the big, bad city much smaller and less bad when you do know your neighbors. And, you know what? Foster-Powell has some pretty rad people that living in it. Come meet them.

2011 National Night Out photos by LeRoy Goertz

National Night Out photos by LeRoy Goertz

4. It only happens once a year. It’s easy to put things off in the middle of a work week, especially during the summer when there’s things to do-galore. Portland will have another food festival tomorrow, though. And again the next day. Ditto for the several more beer festivals that will happen between now and the end of September. National Night Out only happens once a year, and your neighborhood association puts on a pretty good party.

5. We actually don’t have a five. It just sounds better than four. We could come up with several more reasons to attend, though, but you should just come see for yourself.

Party starts at 6:00 and goes until 8:00. Kern City Park, SE 66th and Center. And here’s more info from the Foster-Powell NA.

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