Today’s Foster Small Business Report: S & M Coffee Shop, Cannabis Chocolatier, Kids Toy Store

You can’t say Portland quirk is gone. At least not on Foster.

In fact, the combination of S & M coffee shop, cannabis chocolate manufacturer, and kids toy store seems to be a perfectly typical blending for Foster’s commercial corridor. This is, after all, the same Foster that makes home to the Sekhet-Maat Lodge, a taxidermy store, more bars than you can count on both hands, brunch lines, boiled bagels, a game store, multiple tattoo parlors, yoga, and several record stores and art galleries.

How can you not appreciate that mix?

In the same vein, we’re set to welcome (though, probably not entirely by all of you) a few new businesses to the strip.

First up: The MoonFyre Cafe, “Portland’s first kinky cafe.” As shared by the Willamette Week yesterday, the new cafe will be setting up shop inside Catalyst: A Sex Positive Place at 5224 SE Foster. The cafe will be 18+ and divided into three portions: cafe, education space, and play space. Opening is expected by summer’s end. Do what you want with this information.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.46.27 PM

Bureau of Development Services – City of Portland

Next on the odd-but-totally-Foster list: cannabis chocolate. As per a recent commercial permit issued for 5134 SE Foster, a chocolate manufacturer will be locating inside the space once occupied by Rose City Oreganics. The applicant for tenant improvements in the space is Gron Chocolate, who, according to their website specialize in medicated chocolates and cannabis confections.

And finally, a business many of you have been waiting for—Hammer and Jacks toy store—has announced an August 10 opening date. The toy store and family play space will be located at 6416 SE Foster, rounding out the commercial plaza that already includes Henry Higgins Bagels, Rose and Dagger Tattoo, and Red Castle Games. This will be a great addition to the neighborhood, and one that many parents are eagerly awaiting.

Hopefully soon we’ll also find out the expected opening dates of Bread and Roses Market (in the former Softipper Darts space) and the Office Taproom (next to SMART Collective).

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2 Responses to Today’s Foster Small Business Report: S & M Coffee Shop, Cannabis Chocolatier, Kids Toy Store

  1. championheart says:

    Edible cannabis needs to be better regulated. And businesses zoned. Quirky neighborhoods are fine, but even if we’re against decriminalization and legal use for adults, do we really want drugs mixed in around our children, equated with candy, etc.?

    And there are more articles and instances than just this one.

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