More Foster Retail Property For Sale

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.21.15 PM

Google Maps — 5711 SE Foster

Another commercial property is for sale on Foster. While some buildings scream “potential,” this one is decidedly unsexy.

That shouldn’t deter you from pursuing that dream business and small slice of Foster real-estate heaven, though. After all, there was a time when not much on Foster screamed “potential.”

Times are a-changing, though, and someone just might see the value of a 1,200 square-foot building sandwiched by an oddly placed apartment building and cabinet retailer cum auto-detailer / car-wash. I mean, there are some pretty sweet businesses on Foster that IMG_4930make the most of their surroundings, right?

The property in question is currently a TechPak Packing and Shipping resource center at 5711 SE Foster. This is where you go if you need envelopes, boxes, and an easy and local way to send things via UPS or FedEx. It’s currently priced at $380,000 according to LoopNet, and the building itself comes with the 2,156 square-feet of land it sits on.

We’d have to think that property is just small enough to deter a developer, but just big enough for you to start that business you’ve been dreaming about.

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3 Responses to More Foster Retail Property For Sale

  1. Elotes callejeros says:

    The tekpak building for sale has potential to be a lot. It has a parking lot and the building from is super eligible for the urban renewal incentives.

    But, that “Cabinet shop/auto detail” place is a front for some super shady behavior if I ever did see one. Children beware

    • Indeed. If we put our snark aside, we know that most property on Foster has a lot of potential these days. With the growing energy along the corridor, parking and, like you say, the resources available from the PDC, someone could easily turn this space into something cool.

      As for the auto-detailing place, yeah, we sort of figured something fishy was going on there. Haha…

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