Happy Weekend, Foster People!

The weekend is upon us. It crept up on us like a big, gray rain cloud. Coincidentally, we now we have both. Fear not, the sun and heat come back in force by Sunday, with us creeping toward 90-degrees by Monday. Enjoy the weekend, folks.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– As we mentioned yesterday, Winly Cash & Carry appears to be no more. We have no idea what the space will become, but one of our readers commented in that post saying they were under the belief Winly and 7-11’s neighbor, Paldo Market, may also be on the list of defunct or soon-to-be defunct businesses. We can’t confirm whether Paldo is still open or not, but apparently a brewer had eyes on the property and may have bid on the building. PortlandMaps doesn’t show a recent change of ownership, but it’s an intriguing thought nonetheless. More to come on this, I’m sure…

– Here’s what else we covered this week: Friday Happy Hours at Pieper Cafe and a Free-for-public-use Busking Stage outside of Saint Frank’s Music.

– Since the City just rolled out its bike share system, BIKETOWN, and because the Merc released its bike issue, we though we’d give special props to our local bike shops: Meticon Bikes, TerraCycle, and THRIVE Cycling. You all probably know Meticon already, but TerraCycle and THRIVE Cycling also operate in the neighborhood, mostly specializing in recumbent biking. They are neighbors, occupying two adjoining industrial spaces at 5720 and 5726 SE Center Street. Check ’em out.

– If you’re curious about the mixed-use, affordable housing and commercial development proposed for the lot opposite the Portland Mercado (at 72nd and Foster), you’re invited to a community meeting on August 3. The meeting will be held by REACH CDC at New Day Center for the Arts (5514 SE Foster), from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. This will be your opportunity to learn about the project and offer any input.

– Here are your weekend (and beyond) happenings:
Starday Tavern- Kory Quinn (6 pm) and Mr. Musu (9 pm), Friday; Grits & Applesauce (6 pm) and Farrago (9 pm), Saturday; BLEND w/Demtre Baca and family, Sunday at 10 pm
Bar Maven- PoP up fried Korean wing night! with OG hip-hop, Saturday at 4 pm
Foster Buds- Sunday Farmers Market, 12 – 4
* Essex Park- Movies in the Park will be on Wednesday, July 27. Fun starts at 6:30.
* Kern Park- National Night Out, party in the park Tuesday, August 2

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One Response to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Erik Linden says:

    I dropped by Paldo yesterday and it was open but the inventory did look more sparse than usual and their collection of korean video tapes was completely gone. Whether that means anything is certainly up for interpretation, but I for one would miss their kimchi dearly.

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