Friday Happy Hour on Foster Just Got a Little Better

The question isn’t if you should be going to happy hour on Foster. It’s why aren’t you.

Throw a rock in any direction on the strip and, boom, there’s a place to drink. And with the sun out, the number of outdoor dining and drinking spots, and glory that is Foster, this should be a regular thing for you.*

You don’t drink? Fine, get some cheap nachos at Bar Carlo with a lemonade. A mini kabab plate at Bar Maven. Or a pizza at O’Malley’s while your friends imbibe.

It doesn’t end there. Da Hui has multiple happy hours just to make it easy on you. And many more are dotted up and down Foster.

imageWe won’t urge you to take up happy-hour-ing on Foster just because we do. But if anything, we want you to know you have options for eating and drinking during those post-work hours.

Well, your options for Friday happy hour just grew a little. Pieper Cafe began experimenting with later hours on Fridays about a month ago. Now they’re adding happy hour to their repertoire.

Here’s what you do:

Go in like you would any other time of the day. Order a bagel, coffee, pastry, panini, or beer/wine. Or all of the above. On Fridays, though, from 5 -6 pm, you’ll get $1.00 off your bagel and/or pastry. And if you mention this blog post, you’ll get $1.00 off whatever the drink special is–alcoholic or not.

And consider this: while you sip on that drink special–it could be a mimosa or whatever they’re concocting that particular day–and have a bite to eat, know that you can carry on from there and do the same somewhere else. Because Foster just gets down like that.

* That’s right, we paired ‘Foster’ and ‘glory’ intentionally. 

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4 Responses to Friday Happy Hour on Foster Just Got a Little Better

  1. Spiffy says:

    my favorite happy hour is Bar Maven because it’s super cheap with strong drinks and they have tons of vegan food… also, their new smoking patio is shiny and welcoming…

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