Calling All Buskers

imageFoster-area buskers now have a home.

Or at least a stage.

Saint Frank’s Music has built a community busking stage. Radness shall now ensue.

The Wikman Building has gone through quite the transformation in the last year, as the former (like, way former) Arleta Library has gone from vacant space to recording studio, music venue, guitar shop and, now, place to hone your public music-playing ways.

Gotta dig it, right.

Seems like a perfect complement to the plethora of music and performance venues, record stores and emerging, monthly art walk on Foster….not to mention the growing energy surrounding Laurelwood Park, which has seen new homes, apartments and businesses recently locate nearby.

Make it a thing, folks.

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5 Responses to Calling All Buskers

  1. Betsy K. says:

    Super Cool!!!

  2. Kes says:

    Awesome! Love it!

  3. championheart says:

    I guess you need to be hip to read this blog. What is busking and why does it require a stage? And no, I don’t want to look it up on Google, I want a day with no google searches required 🙂

    • Hip people read this blog? We’ve come a long way, I suppose.

      As for busking, it’s an old term and even older form of public performance. Embrace it. If that stage gets used, it’ll only add a fun and dynamic energy to that corner of the neighborhood.

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