Bar Carlo Ups Its Game, Foster to Land Another Record Store

Foster is about to net its third record store. That’s right–three! And we couldn’t be happier.

For a little background, these are Foster’s other record stores:

Green Noise- The defacto home to Dirtnap Records, Green Noise sells records online and in their shop at 5857 SE Foster. They specialize in punk, hardcore and indie metal. They share the same commercial strip as Nayar Taqueria, Velvet Goldmine and Meticon Bikes, and have recently joined ranks with the local art galleries to participate in Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk.

Variety ShopThe Variety Shop- You’re probably a little less familiar with the Variety Shop. We don’t blame you for not knowing about this spot (though, we will if you don’t acquaint yourself now that you do). You are probably familiar with the funky mix of shops that form entry way onto Foster from Powell, however. Hint: sun glasses, hair & nail stuff, movies, records and art supplies, all which might be displayed on a sidewalk sale at any given time. The Variety Shop anchors the north end of that stretch (at 4932 SE Foster), and it’s a gem. Go in and find out for yourself as you peruse thousands of used records.

So where will the new record shop be?

If you guessed Bar Carlo, you’d be right and either oddly psychic with a knack for imaginative commercial-design or already heard the news.

Take it in for a second.IMG_1071

Ok, yes, Bar Carlo just went from rad to radder. They’ve long since conquered the brunch scene, and now they’re going to add a little flare to the bar, restaurant and neighboring commercial strip.

Here’s what we know:

The western portion of the restaurant (to the left of the bar as you enter) will be trading dining tables and chairs for used records and shelves. The remodel is already happening, and they expect to start slangin’ records within the next few weeks. While Bar Carlo will lose some dining space, they’ll be adding records, more music, and a partnership that should add more retail to the commercial corridor. There will now be a place to dig through crates of used records while you wait for that brunch, too.

With the addition of an in-house record store, Bar Carlo also expects to have more DJs spinning records in the evening hours. Another score.

As for the other record stores, don’t expect competition. Adding another record store should only make Foster more of a haven for the record collector.

* We should add, as of our last visit, I Heart Retro also has a small collection us used records and record players.

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11 Responses to Bar Carlo Ups Its Game, Foster to Land Another Record Store

  1. Spiffy says:

    longer lines due to less seating, and louder environment? sounds like we’re losing the only real restaurant we have… but I’m glad the torn up booths are going away… hope they also clean the carpet/floor to get rid of the lingering smell…

  2. They’ve rearranged the back space to accommodate more seating, so that may help.

    Also, if the demand remains and long lines continue, perhaps it opens the door for another restaurant to open on Foster. The spillover effect, perhaps.

  3. Si says:

    Having a dj doesn’t have to signify ‘louder’ (though it can..), a decent dj can read the room, set a mood and play accordingly. Cracking a death metal hour with your breakfast is probably not wise, but a laid back jazzy happy hour at a volume you can still think, that works.

    • Haha…all good points. I look forward to some ambient sounds at happy hour, for sure.

    • Greg says:

      Case in point, during a Foster bar crawl a few months back there was a DJ at Starday that drove us away from there within 5 minutes because it was so loud. We went across the street to Da Hui and the DJ was fantastic — tasteful music at the perfect volume.

      • Another thing to consider, too, is that Bar Carlo is limited with how loud and how late they can amplify music due to the residential units above them. I have full faith that the changes will be positive.

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  5. Nat says:

    Geez! What’s up with all the negativity? I’m pumped! Something new and happening. Hopefully will lend to another business coming in. Making our little foster street even more bumping. Keep it coming!!

  6. Guys!
    We aren’t losing any tables, really, you’ll just be a tad closer to each other, and my heart.

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