Live and in Effect, Foster Pairs Art Walk and Pub Crawl This Saturday

29e28d17-b0fb-4b8f-bd62-ce4193eaf8aaAlright, we’re back.

And so, too, is Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk.

For those of you who made it out last month, you probably noticed the event took a huge step forward. Not only were there more venues participating—we see you, Green Noise; you, too, Po Boy Art—but there were more people in and out of the galleries and walking the Foster strip.

Here’s what we noticed last month (and what you should be looking forward to this Saturday).

People. June’s event saw people. People buying art; people not buying art; people looking and contemplating buying art; people hanging out on the sidewalks oblivious to the art, but clearly enjoying the scene.

While many of the gatherers and lurkers and art connoisseurs were hovered around Flat Blak and Latchkey Gallery, there was a good crowd in and out of Green Noise Records, too, as they provided live music and a display of art work (not to mention free pizza and doughnuts). And as refreshing as it was to see so many people supporting the arts on the imageblock-and-a-half stretch at SE 60th, there were even more people and art and music a few blocks west at the Day Theater, where Po’ Boy Art celebrated the grand opening of the new gallery, framing and art space. Combined, the two hubs saw sidewalk vendors selling their work, music to accompany the art, and, like we said, a lot of people.

Fast forward a month, and we’re about to do it all over again. Flat Blak is on it; Po Boy Art is on it; Green Noise, Latchkey Gallery, and Outlier Gallery are on it.

Wait, what’s Outlier Gallery?

Well it’s a mobile gallery, you see. And they’ll be parked on Foster, just next to Latchkey and Flat Blak. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Wild At Heart Salon, as they’ll be displaying Alison Jones’s Watercolor Feather Series. As for Flat Blak, its owner, Rudi Broschofsky, will be presenting his new work. Across the street, Green Noise will be hosting an art opening by Dave Neeson, as well as live music from Tweaker Sneakers. Green Noise’s event starts at 6 pm; it’s all ages and free. Flat Blak and Outlier will be open from 5 – 8 pm; Latchkey is scheduled to be open from 4 – 8 pm.

13615255_1032005543514374_7284635274682916612_nAt the Day Theater, where last month’s grand opening of Po Boy Art Framing and Gallery brought vendors, a DJ, and the work of several artists, there will again be live music and multiple works of art. This month’s featured artist is Gary Houston, but his work will be accompanied by many others who will set up shop outside. DJ Joel Barber will also be back, as well as a live performance by the “Fosterkids.” Catch all of this between 5 and 9 pm.

Ok, there’s more (as if this wasn’t enough).

There will be more than just art on Saturday. Foster, too, will be hosting a pub crawl of sorts. Dubbed the “Spirit of Foster Tasting Tour,” several bars and restaurants will be welcoming the masses for the Foster Area Business Association’s big summertime event. The idea is to build upon the energy of Second Saturday Art Walk and encourage more people to come out and support the various food and watering holes along the commercial corridor. From 4 – 8 pm, the following places will be participating in the event: Carts on Foster, Nayar Taqueria, Portland Mercado and Red Castle (all family friendly); Bar Maven, Barrio, FoPo Tavern, NWIPA, Pod Bar at Carts on Foster, and Starday Tavern (all adults-only). The Spirit of Foster event will overlap with Second Saturday, officially scheduled for 4 – 8 pm. More info here.

There you have it, folks…you’re entire Saturday evening scheduled. Bring a friend and tell a neighbor; buy some art and have a drink.

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7 Responses to Live and in Effect, Foster Pairs Art Walk and Pub Crawl This Saturday

  1. Lawrence Maushard says:

    All the art and business news is great, but this blog has overlooked the most important neighborhood development of the past month: the squatters camp in the empty lots near Foster & Powell.

    This horrific camp is nothing new for Portland as a whole, but a huge new blight in this neighborhood.

    The owner(s) of these properties absolutely need to do something now, before something really terrible happens. Looks like one of the encampments was actually burned out a few days ago.

    Things getting very ugly and dangerous and health hazardous in Foster-Powell.

    How’s that for all the latest news?

  2. Kaye says:

    Hey, welcome back, I missed you! Hope you had a good time away. 🙂 Have to agree a bit with Lawrence – that camp kind of sprang up overnight like some kind of squalid mushroom – am wondering why the property owners haven’t taken any action.

    • Thanks, Kaye. It was a nice break, but we’re excited to be back in the neighborhood for the summer.

      While we haven’t delved into it on the blog, rest assured, neighbors have been active in dealing with it. Folks are quite active on and Facebook; people have been reporting the issue to the police, property owners and the city, too.

      It’s a complicated issue that touches on more than just livability for the neighbors, though, and we’re not quite ready to jump into that discussion with the blog.

      With that being said, if you want to get involved with the folks who are most impacted and already starting to address it, is a good start on social media; the Neighborhood Association would be the next stop.

      And on a related note, that lot is actually slated for development soon. The owners have already submitted paperwork to construct a four-story, mixed-use building. There will be ground-floor retail space with apartments on top.

      Cheers! And, as always, thanks for following us.

  3. Greg says:

    Welcome back! We missed you terribly.

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