Here’s what you missed Saturday, why you shouldn’t miss it again


Flat Blak Gallery

You don’t like art, fine. Bring a friend who does.

No money to buy art, it’s ok. Show support by showing up and, perhaps, some day you’ll pony up the cash.

Until then, just showing up means something. Showing up anywhere on Foster means something, after all. But for one Saturday a month, you should definitely show up for Foster’s Second Saturday Art Walk…if for no other reason than to see the commercial district come alive.


The first group of people arrive to Second Saturday Foster Art Walk. Pictured: Latchkey Gallery, Flat Blak, and Backstory Books

And for the first time in three months—four Second Saturdays—Foster finally came alive for its latest incarnation of an art walk. This is all relative, of course. It is Foster, and getting a few dozen people to show up to an event is no small fete.

But people showed up. And for those that did, they were treated to art, music, drink, and good energy.

Flat Blak, Latchkey Gallery, Backstory Books, Green Noise Records, and Po’ Boy Art (at the Day Theater) all made it happen. The individual artists, their work, and those that showed up to peer, mingle, and score some free drinks were the evidence that Second Saturdays just may be a thing.


Artist and DJ, Joel Barber, at the Day Theater

We thought we’d share some of the evidence.

For starters, there was live music and free pizza at Green Noise Records. Across the street saw dozens of people coming and going between Latchkey Gallery, Backstory Books, and Flat Blak. The latter witnessed a constant flow of people in its doors and out, where a crowd seemed to hover on the sidewalk for most the evening almost as if to proclaim “something is happening here.” Indeed there was. On either side of Flat Blak were others interested in art, books, crafts, ceramics, and even lip balm.


Day Theater hosts the grand opening of Po’ Boy Art gallery

If Flat Blak’s showing wasn’t impressive enough, Po’ Boy Art was icing on the cake. The Day Theater played host to several artists, sidewalk booths, a DJ playing music for the masses, and an inside display of work that was both eclectic and extensive; the walls were lined with the work of several artists, now housed inside the newly opened Po’ Boy Art Framing and Gallery which sits above the theater.

Like we said, Second Saturday just may be a thing. There might be room for growth—ok, there’s definitely room for growth. But the most important attribute is there: art. Whether contemporary art, paintings, sculptures, photography, crafts and woodwork, or street art, graphic design, and music…the art is there. And there are multiple venues to take it all in, which Foster could not boast of just a year ago.


Po Boy Art / EMEK

So, to year-ago Foster, we say this: hang in there, we’ll have a monthly event to draw out the masses soon. To present Foster: we’re just about there—there’s art, multiple venues, and now the word just needs to get out. To all of you: help get the word out.

Oh, and while we have your attention, let us distract you with this before you mark your calendars for the following Second Saturdays (July 9 and August 15): next month’s Second Saturday coincides with the Spirit of Foster Pub Crawl.

Say what?!?! Pub crawl!?

Yep. Peep it, folks. The second Saturday in July is gonna be live and in full effect.

For more on Second Saturday and the Foster art scene, go here. And here.

And here’s a video sampling of the new gallery at the Day Theater: Po Boy Art and Framing

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6 Responses to Here’s what you missed Saturday, why you shouldn’t miss it again

  1. porksy says:

    Looks like it was a success. So glad people are coming out to support their community.

  2. We had a great time! I’m excited to see this take off! The Slingshot lounge host some art on their walls as well. Let’s build momentum. Thanks!

  3. Emilie says:

    I feel like these events are under advertised. Is there cross promotion happening on FB and in FoPo subgroups (on FB) and on Nextdoor? Looking forward to upcoming Second Saturday’s in the neighborhood!!

    • We agree. There’s a lot of potential here, but it hasn’t become a completely cohesive group/community yet. Flat Blak and Po Boy Art are definitely stepping up with their promotion; we imagine it’ll catch on with the others. Until then, we’ll just share what we know and hope people show up.

      Speaking of showing up….it’s definitely worth a visit. Spread the word.

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