Second Saturday to Highlight New Art, Galleries and Music on Foster

If there was a time to embrace the arts on Foster, perhaps now would be it.

If it wasn’t the opening of multiple art galleries and studio space that proclaimed the arts are alive and well in the neighborhood, surely it was the fact that Craft Night Southeast recently celebrated eight years of collective, local art-making. Or maybe it was Linda Austin celebrating her 16th year of churning out amazing and envelope-pushing work at her studio, Performance Works NW. And if you haven’t noticed any of that, NWIPA and Bar Carlo use their walls to remind you that art is all around us. And outside, the many, many murals peppered along Foster do the same.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.15.26 PMArt is, indeed, around us.

And while it’s always been there, a public nudging of sorts may be in order to bring it more to the forefront. For the last few months, Second Saturday Foster Art Walk has served, whether intentionally or not, as that nudging. And as it approaches its fourth go-around, that nudging might soon get a little stronger—Second Saturday Foster Art Walk returns this weekend with a deeper lineup of venues and options for the art connoisseur, the casual art fan, window shoppers, and general Foster bee-boppers.

Foster bee-boppers are our favorite. So why don’t you bee-bop this Saturday, and perhaps you’ll be entranced by art from Flat Blak Gallery, Latchkey Gallery, Backstory Books, Po’ Boy Art Framing and Gallery, NWIPA and more. Green Noise Records will also have music and art on display (plus free pizza).

Ok, let’s back up for a minute. First of all, whoa! That was a lot to digest. Second of all, there are a couple newcomers to the list: Green Noise Records and Po’ Boy Art.

poster-emek-poboyYou all know about Green Noise. In addition to their collection of records regularly in-shop, they’re getting in on the monthly art walk scene with new artwork from Travis Wiggins, a live musical performance by Ex-Debbs, and free pizza (from O’Malley’s). Green Noise’s entree into Foster’s monthly art walk will run from 6 – 8 p.m.

The other newcomer to the event—and new to Foster, as well—is Po’ Boy Art Framing and Gallery, which is now occupying part of the Day Theater at 5444 SE Foster. The gallery space will be celebrating its “Grand New, New Opening” from 5 – 10 p.m.

June 11 also marks an exciting “hard opening” at Flat Blak Gallery. Though the new space has been open for nearly two months, they’re using this weekend’s Second Saturday as a way to fully introduce themselves to the neighborhood. Featured work will come from Australian street artist, Alex Lehours, whose work will be on display alongside others from around the world. Flat Blak will also be hosting well-known graphic designer, Aaron Draplin, who will be signing his new book, “Pretty Much Everything.

June FlyerIndeed, art is around us.

And without having to walk too far—hang a left or a right from Flat Blak—Latchkey Gallery, Backstory Books, and Wild at Heart Salon will have their own assortment of art on display. Latchkey Gallery will be featuring the work of Cortney Erskine, Meg McHutchison and Jc Schlecter, as well as other smaller works by local artists. Backstory Books will be hosting photographer Helen Croy, as she presents “Home Skies,” a photo-exploration of Oregon skies. A selection of quilt-work will also be on display at Wild at Heart Salon. All of these businesses (clustered around SE 60th and Foster) will be showing their assorted works, roughly, from 4 – 8 p.m.

And just for icing on the cake, NWIPA and Bar Carlo always curate their wall space with local art work. And you’ll want a beer, you know you’ll want a beer.

See you all Saturday.



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