Kids Toy and Clothing Store Coming to Foster

If 2015 wasn’t the year for new businesses on Foster, 2016 is certainly shaping up to be.

Henry Higgins Bagels, I Heart Retro, Hallowed Halls, Velvet Goldmine, Rose & Dagger Tattoo, Backstory Books, Latchkey Gallery, and the Portland Mercado all made their mark last year. And in retrospect, it’s hard to imagine topping that.


A new toy store is set to open at 6416 SE Foster, where they’ll share walls with Red Castle Games and Rose & Dagger Tattoo.

We might not, but 2016 is going to give it a shot.

So far we’ve seen the opening of Badge Bomb, Flat Blak Gallery, a host of new food carts at the Foster pod, and Ginger Salon on Holgate. Not too shabby for the first half of the year.

Well, one more business might be squeaking in before the mid-point of the year, and they’ll be setting up shop right in the Heart of Foster. In the last vacant storefront along Foster and SE 64th, sandwiched by Red Castle Games, Rose and Dagger Tattoo, and Henry Higgins, a new toy store and community play space is set to open this summer.

Here’s an early welcome-to-be to Hammer and Jacks, soon to operate at 6416 SE Foster.

This stretch of Foster is a far cry from several years ago, when the only two occupied storefronts were a poker room and head shop / private smoking club. Who would have thought that there would someday be the eclectic mix of games store, tattoo studio, bagel shop and, now, a kids toy store?

In addition to toys and games, there will be a separate space that will provide play areas, room for rent (for parties and events), and monthly movie nights for the family. We saw the inside of the storefront yesterday, and it’s deceptively big. The owner expects to open in about a month.

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3 Responses to Kids Toy and Clothing Store Coming to Foster

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  2. Thank you for the mention. We are excited to get the doors open. We can be followed on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

  3. just went to visit and ended up shopping at Hammer and Jacks, FANTASTIC little shop and the proprietress is smart, friendly
    and adorable

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