Ginger Salon Now Open, Holgate Transformation Pushes Forward

The transformation of Holgate between SE 67th and 62nd, where Foster rips through the neighborhood, is quite a site. We alluded to this last week, focusing more on the recent addition of 18 units of housing—6 apartments and 12 detached homes—within just a two-block stretch. However, just west of the aforementioned apartment building is the renovated Wikman Building, which now houses Hallowed Halls recording studio and event space, as well as St. Frank’s music and guitar store. That new space is also emphasized with an outdoor mural.

To the east, a renewed Kern Park Flower Shop is going strong at SE 67th and anchoring a six-home development that filled a once a vacant lot two-and-a-half years ago.

imageNow, to continue further with the transformation and add more energy around Laurelwood Park, the former Walt’s Barbershop space (at 6313 SE Holgate) has been given a facelift, and new tenants have already welcomed in new business:

Welcome, Ginger Salon—you might not find a more unique sandwiching of neighbors than a Tango studio and Russian butcher.

Here’s their press release announcing the opening a few weeks ago:

“(Portland, Ore.) – April 9, 2016 – Ginger Salon is implementing our B Corporation standards and values as we celebrate the grand opening of our third location in Southeast Portland at 6313 SE Holgate blvd on May 1, 2016.
“Achieving a B corp certifications entails structuring Ginger Salon’s framework, mission, values and goals to better community health, community wealth and dedicating our work for the good of the community. At Ginger Salon, we ensure that as we grow and continue business throughout Portland we are putting the community first and guaranteeing Ginger Salon to be sustainable within the community.  
“Ginger Salon is committed to positively impacting the Portland community to create a more symbiotic relationship between capitalism and economic health. Through economically and environmentally sustainable business practices, the change starts here, at Ginger Salon.”

So there you have it—Holgate’s transformation in a nutshell. Unless a wrecking ball comes to the neighborhood, we’ll assume the changes are complete in that corner of the ‘hood.

For now.

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2 Responses to Ginger Salon Now Open, Holgate Transformation Pushes Forward

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  2. Cobb Hoelzer says:

    Hi there! It’s always encouraging to see fresh life breathed into the neighborhood. I live in nearby south tabor neighborhood and am the artist who painted the “we love you” mural for hallowed halls. As the creative community is being pushed out of inner portland/downtown, my dream is for fopo to be a refuge for our cities makers. Let’s hope we can still afford it!

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