Foster Fred Meyer Finds Way to Downgrade Even Further

Well, this happened…

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.38.13 AM


As if you didn’t have enough reasons to avoid the Foster Fred Meyer.

Now you do. Apparently, among many of the other problems this store faces, explosives in aisle 13 is a thing.

Our neighborhood Fred Meyer was already the bottom of the barrel. Now (shaking head with a lack of words)….

Perfect time for a reminder: WinCo opens in three days; Bread & Roses Market is slated to open at the end of July; Portland Fruit Company and Kaah Market can get many of your needs met, too.

Now you’ll never have to risk an aisle-13 explosion.

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2 Responses to Foster Fred Meyer Finds Way to Downgrade Even Further

  1. Chris says:

    I am really wondering if “small explosive device” is the media’s way of over-hyping “firework”…
    But I do agree – I have noticed that in the last week this Fred’s has gotten terrible, the last time I went the south parking lot looked like a meth-head swap meet. Odd considering the north parking lot is where they typically hold these.

  2. Torello says:

    I actually like this Fred Meyer. My wife hates it, but I guess it just reminds me of what super markets were like when I was a kid, before they had sushi bars and gourmet cheese shops inside of them. I will drive down to the Clackamas Freddies for better meat and fish selections, but it does the trick for everyday shopping.
    Also, last time I went to New Seasons I paid $5.29 for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I was upset.

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