Before and After: SE 65th and Holgate

As construction wraps up on six new homes at SE 65th and Holgate, the contrast between old and new is quite stunning.

What was once the site of a Coptic church, then wild and weeded lot cum dumping ground, is now a completely transformed half-block of brand new homes.

The Coptic church was demolished nearly three years ago. With plans to build on the site proposed not long after, construction didn’t actually start until this year, which left quite the collection of weeds, trash, and (probably) feral animals (because we like to assume there were wild boars and rats and felines and vultures making home there).

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.35.06 PM

Before and after: SE 65th and Holgate three years ago (left), and one of six new homes (right) that now sit on the site.

And here’s another photo that further juxtaposes old and new.

This transformation becomes all the more obvious when you consider the three-story, six-unit apartment complex across the street, where a similarly vacant lot once existed.
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.53.31 PM.png

While similar transformations are taking place across the city, perhaps this corner of the neighborhood serves as a microcosm. And while some may be upset about more competition for parking, at least these developments did not come at the expense of pre-existing homes or residents. Nobody was displaced to make way for the new construction —the congregation that gathered at St. Antonious Church had actually moved into a new location well before its old space had been demolished—and the offering of new residential space is quite varied; the apartments and luxury homes create a diversity of housing stock the neighborhood may need. And though infill housing continues to be controversial, we can say that we were able to add more density without the negative impact that many often worry about.

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