Happy Weekend, Foster People!

And we’re back. Friday. The weekend. Time off. And (perhaps we’re only speaking for ourselves here, but) a nice break from record-setting temperatures.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Bar Maven is celebrating three years serving up tasty food and drink this Saturday. They’ll also be opening their new patio for the masses. Celebrate with them and the nine breweries who will be taking over their taps—Saturday, starting at 4pm.

– This Saturday also brings us the third installment of Second Saturday Foster Art Walk. The event has grown each month, and this weekend’s art walk should prove crucial as it’ll serve as the last go-around before jumping into the summer months. Join Latchkey Gallery, Flat Blak Gallery, Wild at Heart Salon, Backstory Books, and Velvet Goldmine for art, beer, wine, books, quilt-work, and discounts on homemade and vintage clothing.

– One note about a Foster area art walk: Second Saturday isn’t currently the only art event in the neighborhood. As many know, Bar Carlo hosts Craft Night SE every Thursday, and BenWill Studio currently hosts FoPo Second Thursday (sorry, Ben, we forgot to plug you yesterday). Both are very formidable. It’ll be interesting to see if and how both of these play into the push to get an organized monthly art walk on Foster.

– The Portland Mercury printed their “Shop Local or Shop Wrong” guide, in which Red Castle Games garnered their top pick for Portland game stores. We agree with their assessment, but do question how I Heart Retro didn’t make their list of vintage furniture stores; nor did NWIPA make the bottle shop list, or Green Noise Records make their…well, you get the point. (We’re always cheerleading.)

– Speaking of I Heart Retro, there’s a new collection of photography available. Art by Marla will be a collection photo prints of unusual and vintage signs (a la Hung Far Low). Maybe it’s a good idea to swing by Saturday…

– We’ve heard rumors that the vacant storefront sandwiched between Rose and Dagger Tattoo and Henry Higgins will be a baby boutique of sorts. Again, just a rumor, and we’ve heard it’s more than just a baby boutique…but something along those lines.

– WinCo has announced that they intend to open their new location (at SE 82nd and Powell) within the month. Combined with the future Bread and Roses Market, as well as Kaah Market at the Mercado, the neighborhood has seriously upped its grocery game. It wasn’t long ago that people insisted we were a food desert. No longer.

– Here’s your entertainment for the weekend and beyond:
NWIPA- live music from Electro Magnetic, Friday (at 9 pm); Jeff’s Casual Wine Tasting, Saturday (from 6 pm – 9 pm; tasting is $6 and includes a snack)
Starday Tavern- Kelsey and the Next Right Thing (6pm) followed by Happy Fun Ball (at 9pm), Friday; Early Night Jams w/Matt and Kina (6pm) followed by Hive Mind Presents: The Pariahs, ADDverse Effects, and Two Planets (9pm), Saturday
Bar Maven- Three Year Celebration and Patio Grand Opening, Saturday at 4pm
Various- Second Saturday Foster Art Walk, 4pm
Bar Carlo- Hot Club of Hawthorne, Wednesday at 7pm

And thus concludes our longer-than-usual Friday/weekend post. Enjoy today’s sun, and appreciate tomorrow’s rain…

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